Rockford Scanner™: Domestic Situation, Woman Fell Down Stairs And Is Unconscious.

Sources are reporting a scene on the west side. 

It happened around 9 pm in the 2800 block of Halsted.

Sources are saying there is a domestic between a man and a female. 

Unknown if related, but near the same address a female has fallen down some stairs and is conscious. 


Rockford Scanner™: Man Falls 3 Stories From A Roof in Roscoe, Medical Helicopter Dispatched

Sources are reporting a man has fallen at least 3 stories from a roof this morning in Roscoe while trying to install an exhaust fan on a roof.

Source said: “Male in his 30’s fell approximately 35 feet from the roof while installing an exhaust fan on the roof at American Aluminum in Roscoe at 8:30 this morning.

Fire Marshall’s were there for an inspection when it happened. He did not have a safety harness on. When paramedics came, he had an approximate 4′ pool of blood around his head. He’s in bad shape!

A medical helicopter went on standby and was en route to the scene, when they decided to cancel the helicopter and transport via an ambulance, because they needed to rush him to the emergency room because of the severity of the injuries.”


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicles Falls Onto A Person, After The Jack Fails

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Update:   Firefighters say the victim became trapped, under his own truck, after slipping on ice while getting out of the truck. The truck continued to move and came to a rest on the victim. Specialized lifting equipment was brought in to lift the truck. (WTVO)

Original reports said the jack failed and the vehicle fell onto the person. After posting this, some have said a jack was not involved.  A vehicle was on top of a person and they need a tech. rescue to get the victim free. Unknown exactly how the vehicle fell onto the victim.

Griselda Durand “Pray for this man. I held him until emergency crews arrived. No jack was involved in the accident. I don’t know him. I was driving by at the right time on a route I have never driven home before and he needed help.”

Just before 5 pm tonight, several emergency personnel were responding to a vehicle that fell onto a person.

It happened in the area of Lund ave and Hampton Ridge.

A jack came out from under the vehicle and the vehicle crashed down onto the person underneath it.  Several emergency personnel were en route to assist.

At the time of writing this, injuries were reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries

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Rockford Scanner™: Woman & 2 Year Old Fall Down Stairs, Asking For Police To Respond Right Away




Just before 8:30 pm tonight several emergency were responding to the 2100 block of Ashland 

Details are minimal. A woman was carrying a 2 year old child down the stairs when they fell down the stairs. 

Injuries were reported. 

They asked for the police to respond right away. 

Still developing.