Rockford Scanner™: Man Falls 3 Stories From A Roof in Roscoe, Medical Helicopter Dispatched

Sources are reporting a man has fallen at least 3 stories from a roof this morning in Roscoe while trying to install an exhaust fan on a roof.

Source said: “Male in his 30’s fell approximately 35 feet from the roof while installing an exhaust fan on the roof at American Aluminum in Roscoe at 8:30 this morning.

Fire Marshall’s were there for an inspection when it happened. He did not have a safety harness on. When paramedics came, he had an approximate 4′ pool of blood around his head. He’s in bad shape!

A medical helicopter went on standby and was en route to the scene, when they decided to cancel the helicopter and transport via an ambulance, because they needed to rush him to the emergency room because of the severity of the injuries.”


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Involved In An Accident, Needs Your Help

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UPDATE: Great news, the person with the dash camera footage has sent us the video to pass along to Brisa.   The person wanted to remain anonymous.


RS fan was involved in an accident today and needs your help.

“Hi, my name is Brisa Gonzalez and I could you use this pages’ help…I was involved in a car accident today 2/9/19 around 2pm in the intersection of E. Jefferson and N.6th st..

I was going west on Jefferson and and my light was green and the other car was going south on 6th st and he ran the red light causing the accident…the guy who caused the accident admitted fault to me and my passenger but when the cops arrived he changed his story.

There was a witness involved who captured everything on his dashcam on his truck but he left before the cops arrived and since I was inside the ambulance I unfortunately did not get his information.

So I’m asking for your help to share this and see if there were any witnesses around when the accident happened to come forward.
I would appreciate it so much and thank you in advance
-Brisa G”

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