Rockford Scanner™: Possible Abandoned Factory On Fire, With Someone Trapped On The Roof

UPDATE: Contractors working on the building. 


Sources are reporting an abandoned structure fire with someone possibly trapped on the roof. 

It happened just before 7:30 pm tonight near Kishwaukee and 23rd ave. 

Reports of the building on fire with unconfirmed reports are saying a person is trapped on the roof. 

A person said they saw flames coming from the building and a person on the rooftop. 

Used to be a factory, and is 5 stories tall. 

Still developing. 



Rockford Scanner™: Factory Fully Engulfed in Rockford

Video by Miriam Ovando

Sources are reporting a structure fire in Rockford.

It happened around 8:15 pm tonight near the area of S Main and Mill.

An old factory building is reported to be fully engulfed.

The reported factory is in the 200 block of Mill.   Sources have told us 212 or 216 is the address. So it is not yet confirmed on which is the correct address.

Police have shut down traffic in the area.  Avoid the area.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Still developing. Check back later for updates.

Video by William Gill


Video by Miriam Ovando


RS Source

NOTE: 500 block of Blake a few blocks over, a park/playground is also on fire.

Both fires are under investigation.

Still developing.

Videos and photos by RS Sources



Rockford Scanner™: Hot Air Balloon Crash in Rockford

Around 6:40 pm tonight, several emergency personnel were responding to a hot air balloon crash in Rockford.

Reports of a hot air balloon crashed behind the Burlington Coat Factory near 6260 E State st

Unknown on injuries at the time of writing this.

UPDATE: No injuries, everything is under control. It was an emergency hot air balloon landing. 

Still developing.

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