Rockford Scanner™: Numerous police including the SWAT team are working a scene near Roscoe, possible very dangerous situation

We sat on the story a while waiting for police to release any information on it, and they have yet to do so so we are going to post it.

Multiple police officers from several jurisdictions are on scene near Roscoe. The Rockford crime scene, Rockford SWAT team, and some of even said the bomb squad, and several police officers are all working the scene.

This is located near old River Road and Gleason Road, northeast of that location in the subdivision.

As you know the police are encrypted and they have yet to release any information. So all we can confirm right now is a possible dangerous situation going on near Roscoe.Numerous police officers from several jurisdictions including the SWAT team are working the scene.

If police release any information we will update this


Rockford Scanner™: Arson:Explosive Device Call At The Rockford City Hall




Details are minimal

Rockford Police had an Arson: Explosive Device call at 425 E State st.

That is the Rockford City Hall building.

It happened around 9:41 am this morning.

No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Explosion & Explosive Device in Rockford

UPDATE: RFD FF said there was an explosive device and needed an investigator. RFD, RPD and the ATF were all on scene investigating.

Details are minimal right now. 

There was an explosion noise just before 9 pm in Rockford. 

Calls of an explosion in the area of Dresden ave in Rockford.  Unknown on the exact location at the time of writing this. 

Emergency personnel did find an explosive device and requesting an investigator. It is not yet known the exact location of the explosive device. 

This is still developing, we will post updates as they become available