Rockford Scanner™: Sources Are Reporting A Vehicle Blew Up In Rockford

Update:  There were 2 vehicle fires around the same time.  First one was on N Horsman.  While emergency personnel were on scene there another vehicle was on fire in the alleyway near the 2100 block of Elm st.

Rockford Fire Investigator I3 was investigating both scenes.

Unknown on injuries. The cause of the fires is under investigation.


Sources are reporting a scene on the West side. 

Sources said: “Car blew up on N Horsman st. 2 doors down from my house”

Unknown on injuries.

No other information at this time. 


Rockford Scanner™: Failed Tank Explodes In Machesney Park


Around 12:30 pm today emergency personnel were responding to a gas odor investigation in Machesney Park.

It happened at an address near Emerald ln in Machesney Park. Reports are saying there was an explosion from a failed tank. There is no fire. But there was a gas odor. 

Emergency personnel arrived on scene quickly and was able to have the scene under control very quickly. 



Rockford Scanner™: Explosion Inside A Loves Park Residence, Several Emergency personnel En Route

Update from the LPFD:
Around 2:55 pm Loves Park fire was dispatched to a house explosion.

No explosion occurred but there was a trailer fire. The fire was controlled in about 10 min.

Once the fire was controlled an interior search was done and 4 pets were recovered.

2 alive 2 deceased.

Per Asst. Chief Conley, a gas explosion has been ruled out.


Reports of an explosion inside a residence in loves park around 3 pm today. It happened around 2:55 pm today near 5012 Cobblestone
(In Forest Hills Village) 

Reports of an explosion inside a residence in the 500 block of Cobblestone. 

Reports of an explosion then smoke and flames were visible coming from the residence.  Unknown on the cause of the possible explosion. 

No reports of injuries at the time of writing this. 

Several emergency personnel from LPFD and NPFD are en route. 

UPDATE: No flames are visible, but smoke is showing from the front door. They are hearing animals inside the residence. unknown if it is occupied.

UPDATE #2:  Animals have been rescued, reports of 2 of them did not make it (Unconfirmed). No humans injured or killed. The cause of the explosion is under investigation.

Update #3 Linnea  said “Only 1 out of 4 dogs survived the fire.😭😭those were my babies!” 

Still developing. 




Rockford Scanner™: Explosion Near Cherry Valley, Injuries Being Reported


Details are minimal right now. 

Reports of an explosion and something on fire near the 6700 block of Harrison ave in Cherry Valley. 

Reports of at least one person injured, possible multiple victims. 

Still developing

Update from Kevin Russell
I live right next door, teenagers were having a bonfire and the gas can exploded. I’m the one that called nine-one-one. The house sits right in front of The Rock Church “


Rockford Scanner™: Package Explodes At A Loves Park Post Office

Package Explodes At A Loves Park Post Office

UPDATE: Small motorcycle battery exploded.
A worker suffered non life threatening injuries.

Sources are reporting a package has exploded at the Loves Park Post Office on Windsor rd around 5:30 pm tonight,

The package has exploded and is now smoking.

Unknown on injuries.
The MD1 unit is en route.
So there might be injuries, but not confirmed.

They are evacuating the building.

Several units from LPPD, LPFD, NPFD, etc… are on scene.

This is still developing, check back later for updates


Video by Esai Nemo


Rockford Scanner™: Township Building On Fire, 6th Level Alarm Fire. Many Fire Departments En Route

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Around 6:40 pm tonight several fire departments were responding to a fully engulfed structure fire at 404 Springfield at the township building.

MABAS box 11 to the 6th level.

Many agencies are responding.

Reports of a fully engulfed structure.

Still developing

UPDATE: This is fully engulfed. Rockford Township Highway Department at 404 N Springfield. .Numerous emergency personnel from area fire departments are en route to assist.  Staging area is on Springfield. Emergency personnel were reporting explosions. No injuries that we know of yet.

Still developing.

Pamela P. “My Uncle is the supervisor for the township. No one was on the premises when the fire was discovered. They are all safe and on the scene. Please pray for all those responding”

Photos by Todd T, Ashley C, White W, Desiree T

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Rockford Scanner™: Possible House Fire/Explosion

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Possible House Fire/Explosion

Several sources are reporting a possible house fire in the area of 5th street 4th ave in Rockford.  The 500 block of S. 5th st

Sources reporting they heard a loud explosion noise and saw smoke coming from a residence.

Rockford Fire Department is en route to the scene for a possible house fire.

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Exploded In Rockford, Still Developing


Just after 2 pm, the Rockford Fire Department were responding to a fire/explosion call.

Initial reports are saying a vehicle has exploded near 213 Peoples in Rockford. (A salvage yard near Gunite)

The business is reporting the explosion shook their business. (Update: Several people reporting the explosion shook their business and houses, as far as Harrison and 11th)

Unknown if the vehicle is occupied.

The vehicle is reported to be full engulfed.

The fire has extended to other nearby objects

They are telling the firefighters to stay at least 80 feet  from the fire.

The cause of the explosion and fire is under investigation.

Still developing

Credit: Mark P.


Rockford Scanner™: Fire & Explosion At A Local Business


Sources reporting a fire/explosion at a business near Kingston.

It happened this morning at US Chrome at 305 Herbert, in Kingston.

Initial reports are saying someone was using a plasma cutter to cut opena tank, when something inside the tank ignited and exploded and caught the business on fire.

No reports of injuries.  Several area fire departments helped battle the fire.


Rockford Scanner™:Man Lights Cigarette Near An Oxygen Tank, Tank Blows Up in Rockford


Just after 3 pm today, the Rockford Fire Department were responding to an explosion call.

We missed the exact location, but it was in Rockford (Rockford Fire Department responding)

A man lit a cigarette near an oxygen tank. The oxygen tank exploded. The man has burns on has face and is having trouble breathing.

Still developing