Nightmare On Chicago Street Festival

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On Saturday October 22nd Elgin hosted it’s annual Nightmare On Chicago Street Festival. The event coordinators were kind enough to invite Rockford Scanner Staff to attend. The zombie apocalypse themed event featured many live bands, vendors, food, beer, liquor, and other attractions. Many of the thousands of people attending the festival were wearing all sorts of costumes, really too many to list.

As the sun set over the town of Elgin, the streets filled with people, the aroma of fried foods filled the air, and the sound of rock n roll was everywhere. Visitors were greeted and had to go through white containment tents and be “scanned” by people clad in full-body bio-hazard suits to make sure you haven’t been “infected”. I walked down the six city streets designated as a zombie “Safe Zone” checking out all the sights and attractions.

This was the I believe fifth year that the city of Elgin hosted this event and the first time I’ve had the honor of attending. Truthfully, this is one affair that my article, pictures, and videos can’t really do justice and this is something that really needs to be experienced first hand in order to fully appreciate the detail and care put into this event by the incredibly creative promoters and event coordinators that put this all together.

I personally had a great time at the Nightmare on Chicago Street festival. There was plenty of good music, cool costumes to check out, friendly people, great food, and drinks. Which were reasonably priced I might add.

As a Rockfordian attending this event for the very first time it felt a lot like Rockford’s discontinued On the Waterfront festival attended by many people from locals and visitors from hundreds of miles away and some even more, but with a zombie twist.

I personally recommend attending next years Nightmare on Chicago Street in Elgin as an alternative to the (discontinued) On the Waterfront festival loved by many.

While there was a general zombie theme, there were costumes of all kinds to be seen, Ted the bear from the movie “Ted”, Duffman from the Simspons, Stormtroopers from Star Wars, the plant “Audrey II” from the movie Little Shop of Horrors just to name a few with many many more to be seen.

I want to say thank you to Special Events Manager Barb Keselica and the rest of the very talented coordinators, and volunteers, for having us. I know I am already looking forward to attending next years Nightmare on Chicago Street and can’t wait to see what the talented people that put that festival together come up with for 2017!

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