Rockford Scanner™: Dangerous Situation On The East Side, Avoid The Area

Sources are reporting a very dangerous situation on the East side.

It is currently happening near Easton Parkway.

Several officers are on scene and have their rifles out.

It is not yet clear what is going on.  All we been told is there are numerous police wit their rifles out near Easton Parkway.

Update from Bill VronchAbout 9 gun shots got fired then fled on foot thru my yard tried to jump a fence lost gun over the fence while the police was trying to catch him Rockford police need to have to do pt every 6 months just like the military just so they can stay in shape to keep there jobs neither one of them could keep up with the kid”

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Rockford Scanner™: Several Accidents, Vehicle Crashes Into A House & Driver Flees

UPDATE: Sources said the alleged suspect is Daniel Gonzalez.

Update: Witness told us: ”  I witnessed the  Jeep rear end the Kia on State, then I saw him wipe out the porch of the house off Prospect, before he sped off. The Jeep in the pictures is definitely the same vehicle. The driver was driving erratically, swerving side to side and at very high speeds. I called 911 then went back to the scene of the first accident and gave a statement.”

Sources are reporting a few accidents.

  • Charles and 20th. Vehicle crashed into a pole. Reports of a vehicle trying to flee and then crashed. Unconfirmed reports are saying the person smelled heavily of alcohol and may be DUI.
  • Prospect and 2nd, a vehicle crashed into a house and the driver fled the scene.
  • East State st and Easton Parkway, auto accident.

Note: We been told the scenes at Charles/20th and 2nd/Prospect,  might be related.  We been told the vehicle hit the house and Prospect and 2nd first, then fled. Then he crashed into the pole at Charles and 20th a short time later.


Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Officers Working A Scene On The East Side, Avoid The Area

UPDATE: It was a civil issue that was already resolved and no arrests. Scene is secure and back to normal.

Sources are reporting numerous police officers working a scene on the East side.

It happened just before 10 am near Easton Parkway. That is SE of Alpine and E State st.   (Update:  Near the dead end )

Reports of numerous officers on scene.

All we can confirm is numerous police officers working a scene near Easton Parkway and we recommend people to avoid the area for awhile.