Rockford Scanner™: Reports Of A Fire At the Mcdonalds in S. Beloit

Rockford Scanner

Just before 3:30 am this morning an employee contacted us and said there is a fire at the Mcdonalds in S Beloit. 

Details are minimal right now, they said there is a grease fire at the Mcdonalds. 

It is the one just East of the Flying J.

No other information at this time. Still developing 


Rockford Scanner™: Carjacking Just Happened in Rockford, Still Developing

Around 10 pm tonight sources were reporting a carjacking in Rockford. 

A black male suspect around 18 years old, 5’11, thin build wearing dark clothing carjacked a white pontiac. 

Last seen northbound on Ridge in Rockford. 


Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Houses And Vehicles Hit By Gunfire in Rockford

Around 10 pm tonight sources are reporting they heard shots fired near Andrews.

A short time later sources were reporting two houses were hit in the 300 block of Royal ave. And vehicles were also struck by the gunfire.

No reports of any injuries yet.

No suspect information.

Check back later for possible updates. 

Rockford Scanner™: Possible Dead Body In A Local Mcdonalds Bathroom

UPDATE: Two ambulances requested. This is a double overdose call. 

Details are minimal right now. Around 10:20 pm sources are reporting there is a possible dead body in the mens bathroom at the Mcdonalds on W Riverside. That is just West of the Cliffbreakers.  Unknown if it is an overdose, or other causes. No other details are available. 



Rockford Scanner™: House Fire With Possible Entrapment, Several Emergency Personnel En Route

Update: Fire Department on Scene, No Fire

Around 9:45 PM tonight several emergency personnel were responding to a house fire with possible entrapment.

It happened near the 1500 block of Comanche Drive

Details are still coming in. There is  a house fire near the 1500 block of Comanche.

Residents called and said there is a fire (flames seen) and there might be at least one person trapped on the upper floors.

Still developing.


Rockford Scanner™: Emergency personnel are investigating a suspicious incident along the Rock River

Around 8:30 pm tonight emergency personnel were investigating a suspicious incident along the Rock River. 

It happened along Kishwaukee rd, near the Rock River.  

Reports of a chemical smell and a white haze coming off of the river. 

RFD confirms the haze and chemical smell. And they also notified Stillman Valley FD, because the haze is in the river going into Ogle County. 

At the time of writing this, it is not yet known what the chemical smell is from and what the haze is from. 

Rockford Fire Department and Stillman Valley Fire Department are both investigating. 



Rockford Scanner™: Free USA Flags For Veterans Graves, Get Them In Loves Park

Rockford Scanner

Free USA Flags For Veterans Graves

Location: Field Of Honor Veterans Memorial near Loves Park City Hall

While you are enjoying the Young At Heart Festival this weekend, walk on over to the Field Of Honor Veterans Memorial. Which is located just a stones throw to the North West of the festival grounds.

The free flags are for Veterans graves. When you pick one up, be sure to grab one out of the buckets.

Rickie’s Note: I had the honor of meeting the 92-year-old Lee Hartsfield a little bit ago tonight while at the Field of Honor Veterans Memorial.  We had a nice long conversation. He is a polite gentleman. He was putting flags into the buckets. Him and I talked for awhile. He was telling me how long he has been doing this tradition and the local boys and girls club helps him. And how at one time the tradition was almost terminated, due to the lack of funds. It was an honor to meet and talk to him. And a huge shout out to him for doing this!

Again this year, long-time Loves Park resident and former businessman, Lee Hartsfield, will continue his long-standing tradition of giving away “Free Flags for Veterans’ Graves” for Memorial Day.  Free flags can be obtained at the Field of Honor, located off Riverside Boulevard at 100 Heart Boulevard, Loves Park, IL 61111.  Please feel free to take one flag for each Veterans’ gravesite that you wish to commemorate.  Flags are available now through Memorial Day.  During the Riverside Boulevard closure for construction, from Tuesday, May 16th through Friday May 19th, the Field of Honor will be accessible from Walker Avenue, via River Park Drive or Short Street, through the Loves Park City Hall parking lot.
Read more at:

Rockford Scanner™: Around 5:30 pm tonight emergency personnel were en route to an accident with injuries and a person trapped inside

Rockford Scanner

Around 5:30 pm tonight emergency personnel were en route to an accident with injuries and a person trapped inside the vehicle

It happened in the area of North Second and Superior.

There is an auto accident near this location. At least one person is trapped inside a vehicle and extrication is being requested. Injuries were being reported.

Avoid the area or expect delays.

Still developing

Photo by Michel Nijhuis


Rockford Scanner™: Large Business Evacuated, Because Of A Bomb Threat. Still Developing

Bomb Threat – Walmart on Northridge
Date: 05/24/2018 1:00 pm
Location: 3849 NorthRidge Dr

Shortly before 1:00pm on May 24, 2018, an employee at the Northridge Walmart received a phone call from an unknown person stating there was an explosive device within the store. At that time, store employees and customers were evacuated from the store. Officers from the Rockford and Loves Park Police Departments responded to the store. Officers conducted a search of the store and no suspicious items were found. At this time, this call has been deemed as a hoax. The Rockford Police Department is conducting an investigation into this incident.


Around 1 pm today several emergency personnel were responding to a bomb threat in Rockford. 

There are evacuating the Walmart on Northridge.  Reports of a bomb threat. 

Employees and customers have been evacuated.


Still developing. 


Rockford Scanner™: Duplex Fire With Several Pets Inside

Around 10:30 am this morning several emergency personnel were dispatched for a house fire. 

It happened on La Mar ave in Rockford. 

It is a duplex. Smoke has filled the residence. 

4 cats are reported to be inside one of them, and a dog in the other. 

When firefighters arrived on scene, they confirmed it was a kitchen fire. 

Still developing. 


Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Firefighter Was Struck By A Vehicle, While Waiting For The VetsRoll. Still Developing

Sources are reporting: “A fireman was hit by a car on the Newburg Road Bridge while they were waiting to welcome the VetsRoll buses coming in on I-90 at approximately 10:30 p.m. tonight.

The fireman suffered serious injuries to the chest by the vehicle that was traveling approximately 45 miles per hour.

There were fire trucks with blinking lights and how in the world someone was hit is beyond belief.”


Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident in Rockford, Police Are Investigating

Rockford Scanner

Around 6 pm tonight several emergency personnel were dispatched for a serious accident in Rockford.

It happened in the area of N Main and Elmwood. 

One vehicle is in the ditch near this location.  At least one person is hurt and unconscious.

Two ambulances were dispatched to the scene. 

Extrication was originally dispatched, but was cancelled. 

The cause of the accident is under investigation. Still developing


Rockford Scanner™: At Least 20 Hurt in A School Bus Accident, 2 Airlifted From The Scene

Rockford Scanner


LODI, Wis.
Earlier today there was a serious school bus accident on I-39.

It happened in the area of Lodi, Wisconsin. At least 20 people were injured.

4 people are seriously injured. At least 2 of them had to be airlifted.

The school bus was taking students on a field trip up to the Wisconsin Dells

They were celebrating the graduation of 8th grade from HOPE Christian Schools.

More info will be posted later on.

Video by Craig Jones

Rockford Scanner™: Emergency personnel Responding To A House Fire Near Roscoe

Rockford Scanner

Around 4 pm today emergency personnel were responding to a house fire.

It happened near the 12000 block of Vera Vale (sp?) near Roscoe. 

Scanner traffic is saying there is a house on fire near this location. 

Smoke is showing. Several units from the HRFD are en route. 

Still developing


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Has Her Rings Stolen From A Rockford Business

RS Fan Julia Ana had her rings stolen from the Irish Rose last night.
She needs your help finding them or the person responsible


These 2 (Topaz) Rings were stolen at approximately 9 pm on 5-22-18
From the Irish Rose.
Please return them. No questions. No charges.



Rockford Scanner™: Vets Roll Rolls Into Town Tonight

Vets Roll Rolls Into Town Tonight

Join the Belvidere Police Department in welcoming/thanking our true American Hero’s tonight at around 8:00 pm at WalMart on Chrysler Drive. Vets Roll will be bringing our Military Veterans back from Washington DC tonight. They will be escorted to Beloit, Wisconsin by police, fire, and 200 motorcycles

Vets Roll Website ~