Rockford Scanner™: Burglars Were Caught On Camera in Rockford, Recognize Them?


Source sent us the following video that captured a couple of suspects burglarizing some vehicles near the area of Westin subdivision.

That is near Bell school and Guilford area. 

It happened last night.

If you recognize these suspects, call the police. 


Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating More Burglaries


BURGLARY INVESTIGATIONS: Detectives are investigating 2 burglaries that occurred on Melrose St. There are many ways to help prevent a burglary, but perhaps the best is knowing what’s normal for your neighborhood. If something looks off, call RPD: 815-966-2900



Rockford Scanner™: Burglaries In The Rolling Green area


Sources are reporting a few burglaries on the East side. 

God forbid we say the name “Rolling Green”  Every-time we do, certain people get mad and contact us complaining about RS saying “Rolling Green”

9 different sources who live in the Rolling Green area were reporting they were burglarized recently. And wanted us to post about the burglaries so others can be informed and can keep a look out for the alleged suspects.

In this video was just one of several burglaries. This happened around 4am. 2 suspects 1 possibly heavy set, dark colored suv possibly a yukon, speakers and amp were stolen

Below is a video of the alleged suspects.


Rockford Scanner™: Several Burglaries in Loves Park


During the early morning hours of 08/03/2019, several cars were entered in the Loves Park area and items were stolen from the vehicles.

It was reported that all vehicles had been left unlocked.

We would like to remind everyone to please remove valuables and lock your vehicle



Rockford Scanner™: Suspect Caught on Video A Little Bit Ago Attempting To Break Into A House Near Loves Park/Machesney park

Sources are reporting a suspicious person who was attempting to break into a house in Machesney park a little bit ago. It happened in the neighborhood around Windsor and Elm. A black male came up to his door and was looking in his windows. It looks like he noticed the camera and took off. Below is the RING camera video.


Rockford Scanner™: Many Jurisdictions Working A Scene in Machesney Park, Police Told Me “Huge Misunderstanding”

Update: You can clearly see the officer saying “nothing is happening” and it was a “huge misunderstanding” on my body camera footage.  Wrex just said this was some burglary suspects that were caught.

So now this poses a question:  WHO is lying?  The officer who said “nothing is happening” and is was a “huge misunderstanding”  that you can clearly see and hear on my body camera footage, or the local news?

Around 5 am this morning sources told us about a scene that involved numerous officers in Machesney Park. 

It happened near Ventura  blvd. Just North of Ralston.

I got out of my vehicle to work the scene and just set up my camera when a WCSO officer and a Illinois State Trooper approached me and said to not go any further. I was a ways back and did not plan on going any further.

He then said that “absolutely nothing going on here”   and I responded back and pointed and said “that’s nothing” (referring to all the police on scene) and laughed. The officer then responded back and said “it was a huge misunderstanding” and walked away. (body cam footage below)

I saw 3 jurisdictions on scene from my vantage point. Winnebago County Sheriff, Illinois State Police, Loves Park and what appeared to be a white van, possibly a crime scene unit but I wasn’t able to tell because an officer had the view blocked with his squad..

So it is unclear exactly what happened.
But police said it was a “huge misunderstanding”

Keep up the good work sending in your tips to us. SEE IT, SNAP IT, SEND IT

Call log shows it to be a suspicious auto call, with several area police departments responding to assist with a suspicious auto


Rockford Scanner™: More Burglaries In The Roscoe Area


Source is reporting more burglaries in the Roscoe area. 

Source told us: ” This scum bag and a few of his friends were looking in windows and getting into homes in the Roscoe area, specifically Crystal Hills and Denali Heights subdivisions. Please feel free to share this.”

Another source told us: ” I am sure you also have been contacted by other residents of Denali Heights and Crystal Hills in Roscoe. In the overnight hours of Saturday into Sunday July 21st, some men were seen on video surveillance around 1 AM.”

Photo on our Facebook Page


Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video, Burglary In Rockford. Recognize The Suspect?

Sources are reporting more burglaries. 

A RS Source had their window broken out during a burglary on Camlin ave around 2:30 am on Wednesday night.

The source sent us a video of the incident that has the alleged suspect breaking into the vehicle. You can see a suspect wearing a winter jacket and a backpack.

If you recognize the outfit, backpack, or person.

Call the RPD with the information.
Or you can contact RS and we can relay the information to them for you.

According to the RPD call logs there have been almost 20 burglaries/theft from vehicles in Rockford in the last 72 hours.


Rockford Scanner™: Several Burglaries At & Near A Local Hospital


RS Source is reporting:
“I just wanted to say or report I live near Prial Avenue.  There has been a string of break-ins to garages & cars.

Rockford Memorial Hospital parking lot has been getting hit multiple times since last year, even Saint Bernadette’s garage got broken into.

My neighbors got broken into two days ago, they tried to get into my vehicles just this morning.

RMH security chase them across the parking lot towards St. Bernadette Church.

I was just basically wondering if you heard anything or if there’s been any other reports on a string of burglaries in the North Rockton,Glenwood, and Prial area”

Have you or someone you know is a victim, comment below.