Shooting on Rockford’s East Side, Victim Runs to Local Tavern for Help

Rockford Scanner



Around 10:23 pm several emergency personnel were responding to a shooting victim at a local tavern, the shooting happened at a different location, but the victim went into Grant Park Tavern on Kishwaukee to seek help. Victim was reportedly shot in the arm. This is still developing. Check back for updates.

UPDATE: At least 10 shots rang out in the Orton Keyes a little after 10 PM tonight.  Sources reporting it was more around 25 shots. It happened at the end of Score st, in Orton Keyes.

One person was struck by the gunfire. The victim was shot three times.  The victim then went to the Grant Tavern down the road at Kishwaukee, just south of Brooke rd to seek help.

Three residences and the victims vehicle were also struck by the gunfire.

No suspect information right now, due to the encryption. Still developing.

Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue: Two Jet Skiers Need To Be Rescued From The River, Trapped In A Railroad Trestle

Around 3:30 pm today several emergency personnel were dispatched for another water rescue. 

This one happened in the area of Brooke ct and Ashelford. 

Reports of two jet skiers were trapped in a railroad trestle in the river, and needed assistance. 

One of them is reported to be upside down in the water without a life jacket. 

Several emergency personnel are en route. 

Still developing