Rockford Scanner™: Sources Are Reporting A Possible Dead Body in The River


We are getting several reports of several emergency personnel near the river near the overpass looking into the Kishwaukee river.  Sources said police officers were flying fast to get to the scene and almost caused a couple of accidents while en route. We have been told there is a body in the river.

As you know the police are encrypted and have not confirmed anything, and rarely do they provide any information to the public since encrypting, so do not expect any updates. 



Rockford Scanner™: Body Recovery From A Local River, Still Developing

Update: After investigating, officials said the object of interest was just a log with a vest on it. No body was recovered.

Around 8:30 am this morning several emergency personnel were on scene on S Main near the airport. 

Reports of a body that was hung up in the river. Someone saw something white and blue and think it is a dead body.   

Several emergency personnel are on scene. 

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Fire Department Battling A Garage Fire, possibly An Auto Body Shop


Rockford Fire Department  is on scene of a fully involved garage fire near the intersection of Daws and Simpson Roads.

This is a defense fire attack.

Possibly an auto shop.

Still developing. Avoid the area.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Dead Body Found In Loves Park

Details are still minimal right now. 

Sources are reporting a body has been found in Loves Park.

It happened near Commonwealth drive in Loves Park.

Reports of a body inside a vehicle near this location.

Sources are saying the woman was dead inside the vehicle approx. a week before emergency personnel found her.

It is unknown how the person passed away at the time of writing this.

Police were going door to door asking people if they saw anything suspicious.

Police have yet to release information.


Rockford Scanner™: Dead Body On The East Side, Police Investigating


Sources are reporting a dead body in Rockford. 

Details are minimal right now.   Sources said there is a person dead in the 1400 block of 8th ave. Emergency personnel are on scene. 

No other information at this time. 

Update: Sources said it is possibly medical related, and no foul play.


Rockford Scanner™: Man Found Behind A Dumpster in Loves Park


Sources are reporting a scene in Loves Park. 

It happened around 2:30 pm today at the Clark gas station in the 6200 block of N Second st.

Reports of a man that was found behind the dumpster of the business.

We have been told conflicting reports. Some said he was dead, others said he was alive. So it is unclear on the mans status.




Rockford Scanner™: Body Found In A Field, Police Investigating


Sources are reporting a body has been found near Dekalb.

A body was found in a field near Ellwood Green subdivision just before 9 am this morning.

Unknown how long the body was there in the field for, or how the person died.

No other details at this time



Rockford Scanner™: sources are reporting a body has been found


Sources are reporting a body has been found on the east side.

Details are very minimal right now.

We have only been told a body has been found in a lot across from Lincoln middle school.

No other information at this time.

Jennifer Jason CannonI had seen him this morning and thought he was sleeping. He was sprawled out on blankets with his legs crossed, under the tree”


Rockford Scanner™: Numerous police including the SWAT team are working a scene near Roscoe, possible very dangerous situation

We sat on the story a while waiting for police to release any information on it, and they have yet to do so so we are going to post it.

Multiple police officers from several jurisdictions are on scene near Roscoe. The Rockford crime scene, Rockford SWAT team, and some of even said the bomb squad, and several police officers are all working the scene.

This is located near old River Road and Gleason Road, northeast of that location in the subdivision.

As you know the police are encrypted and they have yet to release any information. So all we can confirm right now is a possible dangerous situation going on near Roscoe.Numerous police officers from several jurisdictions including the SWAT team are working the scene.

If police release any information we will update this


Rockford Scanner™: Man found dead, police are investigating

UPDATE: Officials said that Mr. Fort was beaten and assaulted in the 600 block of West Stephenson. Then was dumped in a vacant lot in the 500 block of East Iroquois.  Police do not believe this is a random attack.

The victim has been identified as 45-year-old Thomas Fort. Police have taped off a house in the 600 block of West Stephenson, that is related to the scene. Still developing.

Death investigation near Freeport

It happened around 7:00 am this morning in the 500 block of East Iroquois Ave near Freeport.

Reports of an adult male was found dead near this location.

We’ve been told he was murdered, The police are saying it is a death investigation.

No other information at this time.