Rockford Scanner®: Another Body Recovered From The Rock River

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UPDATE: On 11/11/2018, at around 11:49 AM, Officers from the Rockford Police Department were dispatched to the 100 block of W State Street(Rock River) in regards to a possible body in the river.  Upon arrival officers located a deceased male, partially in the river on the west bank.   The body was recovered from the river by members of the Rockford Fire Department and a death investigation is currently being conducted.  No signs of traumatic injury were located on male and his cause of death will be determined by the Winnebago County Coroners Office. The identity of the male will be released at a later time after his next of kin are located and notified.

Early this afternoon emergency personnel recovered a body from the Rock River.

Details are minimal right now.

The only information we have is a body has been recovered from the Rock River near the downtown area.

No other details are available at this time


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Rockford Scanner®: Sources reporting a dead body in Loves Park

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Update from Mario M.
“The body that was found, was found at Rick’s ribs off of Riverside and Pleasant Drive.patrons of the establishment noticed a gentleman hunched over in his vehicle. After knocking on the window and getting no response the patrons opened the door and tried to shake the gentleman. With no response Rick the owner of the restaurant and one of the patrons Joe Sanchez pulled the gentleman out of the vehicle and he was laid upon A quilt on the ground. One of the female patrons who was in the medical field started chest compressions as the police were called by the establishment’s cashier. Once the police were on site after about a  very short wait, they took over chest compressions and also started more advanced resuscitation tactics. The gentleman was taken by ambulance to Rockford Memorial Hospital.”

Sources reporting a dead body in Loves Park

Early this afternoon, sources were reporting a dead body near E Riverside and Pleasant ave.

Reports of a dead man near the SW part of this intersection.

Emergency personnel were trying to revive the man by doing CPR.

It is not yet known, if they were able to resuscitate the victim.

Unknown on the cause.

No other information, due to the encryption.


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Rockford Scanner™: BREAKING NEWS: Body Found Near The Airport

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Winnebago County Coroner has identified the body as 58-year-old Randy Wilder. The coroner said he was homeless but from the Rockford area. Autopsy is pending and toxicology will take around 3 weeks.


Around 10 am several emergency personnel were responding to a body found in Rockford.

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Rockford Scanner™: Death Investigation In Rockford

Sources are reporting a death investigation in Rockford.


Sources reporting emergency personnel and the Winnebago County Coroner at a scene in the 4200 block of Beach st in Rockford.

Details are minimal due to the police encryption.

No other information is available at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident Downtown, Police Have Road Blocked While Investigating

Rockford Scanner

UPDATE: RPD is saying they are doing a follow up investigation to the accident involving a pedestrian on August 17th.  And they had the road shut down for a few hours for them to do a follow up investigation. They have now opened it back up to normal traffic.

Edited: With the update above



Rockford Scanner™: Body Recovered From The Rock River

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Around 2 pm today emergency personnel were responding to a body in the Rock River. 

A body was approx. 20 feet from the shoreline in the area of Centerway st bridge in Janesville. 

The victim is an older male, approx. 65 years old or older. 

Autopsy is scheduled for tomm.  




Rockford Scanner™: Body Found Near The Airport, Still Developing



Details are minimal right now. 

A body has been found near the Rockford Airport. 

It happened in the area of the Rock River near Airport Drive. 

No other information at this time

Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting Numerous Police Officers At A Scene, Possible Body Found

UPDATE: Middle aged woman has been found in the river. A family fishing nearby spotted the body and called police. The womans body has not been in the river to long and the Winnebago County Coroners office hopes to have the identity by this afternoon. Sources said it is possibly a reported missing woman. 

We will post updates as they become available. 


Confirmed dead body.  Emergency personnel are recovering a dead body from the Rock River.  No other information at this time. 

Several sources reporting a scene on 20, between 11th st and S Main. 

Numerous police officers, crime scene unit, Winnebago County Coroner’s office, etc… are all on scene. 

We been told that it was a body found near the bridge.

They do have one lane of traffic blocked off in the area, so expect traffic delays. 

As you know, details are minimal due to the encryption.   

Still developing. 

Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating A Body Located Near A Local Creek, Still Developing

Rockford Scanner



Several sources reporting a body has been found. 

It happened today near Krape Park in Freeport. 

In the area of Park and Demeter.

The body was found near the Yellow Creek. 

An adult white male is the victim. 

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Male On The Ground Near Dam, Possible Dead




Around 5 am this morning, a source was reporting a body at the Fordham Dam in downtown Rockford. 

The male victim was near the entrance to the dam on the west side of the river. 

The male was laying on the ground. The source said it appeared the man was deceased. 

Emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene. 

Still developing






Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Responding To A Dead Body In A Creek




On Monday, June 25th, 2018, shortly after 4:30 p.m. patrol officers and detectives from the Rockford Police Department responded to the 1200 block of 7th Avenue in reference to a found body. When they arrived, officers located the body of an unknown male in the creek adjacent to that location. Members of the Rockford Fire Department and Winnebago County Coroner’s Office assisted with the removal of the body.

Detectives are conducting a follow-up investigation into the incident. At this time no foul play is suspected. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Investigations Bureau (779-500-6551) or Crime Stoppers (815-963-7867).

No further details are available at this time.

The Winnebago County Coroners office has confirmed a body has been recovered near this location. Check back later for updates.


Details are minimal due to the encryption. 

Around 4:50 pm today emergency personnel were dispatched for a dead body in a creek. 

It happened in the area of 8th st and 7th ave. 

Reports of a dead body in the creek. 

Still developing

According to Google Maps, the Kent Creek runs nearby this location.

Sources reporting this might be the body of a missing man.  Not confirmed.   A woman on scene was being treated by medical personnel. Emergency personnel are using chainsaws to free the body from the debris.  Still developing.