Scene on Riverside Bridge, Still Developing



Rockford Scanner Exclusive:
Rockford Scanner Fan Brendon Hullinger saves a man from jumping from the Riverside bridge. And tells Rockford Scanner his personal story about saving the man from jumping!

Rockford Scanner Fan Brendon Hullinger :  I am the one who saved this mans life. It was a huge life experience for me!!
I am so happy that he did not jump off of this bridge.
I was definitely scared at this moment.
But, I did pray with him and he did pray with me as well.
He also said that he is depressed because he got his children taken away from him. And that they are gone.
I feel so blessed.

Around 10 pm tonight several emergency personnel were dispatched to the Riverside Bridge. Scanner traffic is saying there is a bicycle on the ground and a man on the railing. It is not yet known if the bicyclist was hit by a vehicle, or if this is a possible jumper. Several units are on scene. The bridge is blocked off from traffic, so please avoid the area. Still developing

Rockford Scanner Fan Hersain Suniga “My nephew saved this mans life tonight. He was jumping off the bridge.”



Serious Hit & Run Accident in Rockford




Around 8 pm tonight several Rockford Scanner fans contacted us in regards to a hit and run to a pedestrian near North Central, right before Halsted. They said a woman was on a bicycle (riding with a male) and a vehicle hit the female and fled the scene. They said her injuries appeared to be life threatening, but not confirmed. No suspect information, due to the Rockford police being encrypted.

Rockford Scanner fan Breanna Meegan “I hope they catch that stupid motherfu**er!! He/she killed my MOM!!! she didn’t make it! He took her from me and my family. The people at the scene said it was a tan caravan with sliding doors with license plate number starting at D28 


RS Fan Has Kids Bike Stolen in Rockford

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RS Fan Beth Vander Vennet Ambrogio :
“Could you share this please. 3 kids stole my sons bike while he was outside riding it yesterday. He told me that they were all bigger than him. Thankfully he didn’t fight them and he didn’t get hurt physically but emotionally he is really upset. He said the kids were nice at first and then they just took off on his bike. I know it’s a long shot but if anyone sees this bike or if your child has a new bike that don’t belong to them please contact me. Someone knows these kids. This is bs and heart breaking. This happened by twin sisters park by Fairview and Charles st.”

If you see the bike below, contact Beth Ambrogio 815-494-5171