Rockford Scanner™: Multiple injuries Reported At An accident Scene in Rockford

Sources are reporting a bad accident in Rockford.

It happened near Ridge and Bell in Rockford.

Multiple injuries were being reported. At least 3 ambulances were on scene. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.  Reports of a vehicle possibly on fire.

No other information at this time.

UPDATE from the victims: My fiance who was the passenger. We were going South on Ridge and the other person was heading East on Bell. The other person was drunk and didn’t stop at his stop sign, he fled and smashed into a tree then fled on foot one of the neighbors caught him and held him til police arrived.

He was estimated going between 50-60mph, we were 35mph. I noticed him and thought he’s not going to stop so I started applying break then my fiance yells he’s not stopping i then slammed on the brakes and steered left.

Everyone went to the hospital even though he hit us I still asked if he was ok. The police said all he suffered was a seatbelt burn to his chest.

My fiance broke his nose, and all the orbital bones around his eye to break and some bruises. I suffered a 10’gash to my forehead which required stitches underneath because it was down to the skull. I was also burned severely by the air bag under my chin and a massive blow to my right arm. I couldn’t walk as both legs were crushed.

However car was on fire so we had to flee so we didn’t get burned. Thanks to the people on Ridge for taking us to sit in front of their home got us both chairs and a washcloth due to the insane bleeding. They also immediately called 911.

We were both scanned and had xrays done thank god I have no broken bone but due to the impact I have a lot of hematoma’s and majors bruises lot of owwws and ohhs lol.

All said and done he also had no insurance he was issued 5 felony tickets for his recklessness and hauled off to the slammer.

I will send photos when I have them all. Hope this helps to update your story.




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Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Victim Allegedly Overdoses And Then Crashes Into A Rockford Taco Bell 

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Caught On Video: Victim Allegedly Overdoses And Then Crashes Into A Rockford Taco Bell 

Sources sent us this video of a person allegedly overdosing and then crashing into the Taco Bell on Auburn st in Rockford, IL earlier today.

It is not yet known on the victims condition,
or the extent of the damage to the building.

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