Rockford Scanner™: Look Up, Its Not a Plane, & Its Not Superman. It is A Hot Air Balloon!

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Sources are reporting a hot air balloon sighting in the area this morning.

It happened around 8 am, near Belvidere.

The Remax Hot Air Balloon was sighted floating around in the skies.

A very cold 15 degrees outside.
Fast fact: Balloons fly easier in colder temps.  and calmer winds in the morning and evening times.

It is not yet known where it lifted off from, or where it landed.
Sources said it was just above the tree tops near the Belvidere area.



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Rockford Scanner™: Man Saw A Weird Object, He Was Wondering If Anyone Else Saw It Too?

RS Fan Bill Farrell:

“I live near the 3300 block of E.State. I was outdoors after dark on Wed. I saw a green object go across the sky from south to north. It wasn’t a comet or meteor as they are not green. it was moving too fast for a weather balloon as there was no wind. I googled it and the explanation I got was that it was either a UFO or Russian spy satellite. I am curious if anybody else seen it.”