Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Cyber Attacked The Rockford Public School 205 District System


Suspects Cyber Attacked The Rockford Public School 205 District System

RPS 205 parents/guardians and staff,

Our district is working with a professional forensic firm to investigate this ransomware attack.

We are still working to both recover and rebuild our systems. We want all employees to know that our forensic firm has not identified any specific personal information that was accessed by the attacker group. However, the investigation did determine that user names and passwords might have been involved.

When you log onto your RPS 205 email account or onto a district-issued device in the coming days, you will be forced to change your password to gain access. As a precaution, please change any personal passwords that you have used on a district-issued device, as well.

We are still investigating whether any student or staff personal information was affected by this incident. We will share more information as soon as we’re able to provide it.

Our Information Technology team continues to make progress during our districtwide systems outage. We expect to hit several milestones this week, such as restoring access to phones, bells and PA systems; providing staff with access to Google, Google Classroom and Google Drive, and restoring access to districtwide WiFi so students can use Chromebooks in class, as well. We will share a time frame to expect access in the coming days.

Our Information Technology team is working around the clock to rebuild our network and restore access.

We continue to share our thanks to our teachers, principals, staff, students and parents for their patience and understanding during this outage


Rockford Scanner™: Dog Attacks A Mail Carrier in Rockford

Sources are reporting a mail carrier has been attacked by a dog in Rockford.

Reports are saying around 4 pm today a mail carrier was delivering mail in the 1600 block of Muldoon Drive in Rockford. (Near Main and Riverside)

A dog attacked the mail carrier.

It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries.

No other information at this time.


Rockford Scanner™: Bird Attacks A Child in Rockford


Around 9:45 pm tonight emergency personnel were on scene of a bird attack in Rockford. 

A child was attacked by a hawk near Jackson st in Rockford. The child was approx. 8 years old. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

It is unclear if the hawk was a wild hawk or possibly a pet hawk.



Rockford Scanner™: Murder Suspect Beats A Winnebago County Corrections Officer


Alleged murder suspect Sanchez Curry has been arrested for aggravated battery to a corrections officer.

A guard in the Winnebago County Jail was checking on the inmates, when Mr. Curry attacked the corrections officer and striking the officer numerous times in the head, causing injury to the officer.


Rockford Scanner™: TURKEY TERRORISM: Wild Turkey Terrorizing Citizens In Loves Park

Email your tips and photo to us at

Debi Dull Lindstrand

TURKEY TERRORISM: Wild Turkey Terrorizing Citizens In Loves Park

Several sources have reported over the last few weeks some turkeys terrorizing citizens and traffic in Loves Park.

Some turkeys have been literally attacking vehicles and chasing them in the area of Harlem and Forest Hills recently.

RS fan Tim sent us this photo he took of a turkey terrorizing traffic near this intersection.

Damage has been reported to some vehicles. No reports of injuries to citizens.

Unknown why the turkeys are doing this.

Officials have told us that the turkeys see their reflection on the vehicles, and the turkey thinks it is another turkey and that is why the turkeys are aggressive towards vehicles.

If you have to travel in this area, please use caution.

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