Rockford Scanner™: Unknown Scene On The East Side

Douglas Lopes sent us this video of a scene at State and 6th.  It is unknown exactly what has happened at this time. 

NOTE: RPD call log shows this as a traffic stop.

UPDATE:  Sources at Midtown Wireless said “Scene on 6th and E. State St. was a police chase for speeding 30 mph over the limit the suspect parked onto the property and it lead to a resistant arrest inside a business.”


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Use A Flashlight To Commit Several Robberies Last Night in Rockford

BACK-TO-BACK ROBBERIES: Rockford Police Detectives are investigating the possibility that two robberies late last night are connected.

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Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating Several Shooting Incidents Yesterday

Sources are reporting a few shooting incidents yesterday in Rockford.

  • 6th st and 21st ave
  • Wisconsin and Harrison
  • W Riverside and Chatam ct
  • Portland Pl and Eastmooreland

No suspect information in any of these. Local police have yet to release any information on any of these incidents.


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Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Injuries On The East Side

RS Source


UPDATE: Sources said the suspect is a white man in his 40’s with short hair. Police used a police k-9 and the suspects shirt to track the suspect, and was unable to locate the suspect.

Sources are reporting a bad rollover accident on the East side.

It happened around 9:30 am near 11th st and 5th ave.

A truck and a car have collided. The truck has rolled over.

Injuries were being reported, unknown on the severity of the injuries.

Unconfirmed reports said one person took off from the scene on foot.

No other information at this time.

RS Source

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Rockford Scanner™: Possible Multiple Shooting Victims in Rockford

Several sources were reporting a scene with a lot of emergency personnel.

We been sitting on this story to see if the local police would release any information, and they have yet to do so.

So we are going to post what sources have told us.

It happened around noon today in the area of S 6th st and 20th ave.

Sources said at least 2 people have been shot.

Police have yet to release any information on this.

No suspect information.

Keep up the good work sending in your information!

If police releases information, we will update this.


Rockford Scanner™: 2 Accident With Injuries in The Rockford Area

Sources are reporting a few accidents that happened earlier today in the area.

  • Auburn and Central ~ Injuries reported
  • Comcast van T bones a CUV (crossover utility vehicle) at 6th ave and 1st St 2 ambulances on seen with L1 and numerous cops.

Photo credits: Paul and Brandon Schumacher and Nicole Sims


Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run in Rockford, Suspect Leaves License Plate

Sources are reporting a hit and run near 6th st and 1st ave in Rockford.

Suspect vehicle is described as a White truck that is now missing a front bumper, because they left it at the scene along with their license plate on it.

Unknown on injuries.  The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Home Invasion In Rockford, Suspects Armed With Vase

Sources are reporting  a home invasion in Rockford.

It happened in the 300 block of 6th st.

Suspects are 2 black females wearing dark clothing.
One of them was armed with vase.

Last seen on foot fleeing from the scene.

Unconfirmed reports of injuries.

No other information


Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Possible Extrication

Sources are reporting a rollover accident with extrication needed.

It happened around 9:40 am this morning near 6th st and Whitman.  That is near the area of all the ramps, near Whitman st exit.

There is an auto accident near this intersection and extrication is needed to cut at least one of the victims out of the vehicle.

A vehicle is in the ravine area.

Injuries were being reported. It is not yet known on the severity of the injures.

The cause of the accident is under investigation