Rockford Scanner™: Multiple injuries reported at a rollover accident on the east side


Sources are reporting a very bad accident on Rockford Eastside.

It happened in the area of Broadway and 20th.

There is an automobile accident near this intersection and multiple injuries are being reported.  At least four ambulances were on scene.

Reports are saying the vehicle rolled over and was on fire briefly and possible extrication was needed.  But then everybody was able to escape the vehicle.

It is not yet known on the extent of the injuries at this time.

The cause of the accident is under investigation

Source sent us these photos of the aftermath of the accident.


Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Hit by A Vehicle In Rockford


Sources are reporting a pedestrian has been hit by a vehicle in Rockford. 

It happened around 2:45 pm today in the area of Harrison ave and 20th.

A black male was laying on the ground after being hit by a vehicle. The vehicle stopped at the scene along with another vehicle that helped to assist.

Unknown on the severity of the injuries.



Rockford Scanner™: Another Major Scene On The East Side, Possible Shooting

UPDATE: Several of you are asking us about the scene on 20th. We tried contacting the RPD for info.

RPD is denying the scene, saying there is no scene there. So unfortunately we will not have any info for you on this scene, sorry.

Sources are reporting a major scene on the East side.
It happened near 20th st and 23rd ave. 

Numerous police are on scene and the police crime scene tape is up.

We have been told this is another shooting.
But police have yet to release any information on this scene.

You want to avoid the area for several hours. We will try posting updates, if they become available.



Rockford Scanner™: Accident With injuries On The East Side

Sources are reporting an accident with injuries on the East Side.

It happened around 4 pm near Blackhawk and 20th st.

Injuries were being reported. it is not yet known on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.


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Rockford Scanner™: Armed Robbery In Rockford, possible Injuries

Sources are reporting an armed robbery in Rockford.

It happened near the corner of Broadway and 20th st in Rockford around 2:45 pm Tuesday afternoon.

We been told the suspects beat the victim up pretty bad, but that is not confirmed.

Rockford Police have yet to release any information on this incident at the time of writing this.


Rockford Scanner™: Shooting Scene On The East Side, Several Emergency Personnel On Scene

Update #2 from the RPD: On April 29, 2019 around 12:30 PM members of the Rockford Police Department responded to the area of 2200 7th Ave. for several reports of gunfire. Upon arrival, officers stopped several people in an effort to locate any suspects and/or victims. None of these people were determined to be suspects or victims. Officers located spent bullet casings in the 2200 block of 7th Avenue. Witnesses said two black males were observed shooting at a black car as the car was traveling in the 2200 block of 7th Avenue. No suspects or victims have been identified at this time. This investigation is still ongoing

UPDATE FROM THE RPD: Shots fired at approximately 12:30 pm in the area of 18th St. and 7th Ave. No one hurt. No one in custody.

Sources are reporting a shooting incident on the East side.

It happened around 1 pm today.  Multiple gunshots rang out near 7th ave and 18th st.    We can confirm shots were fired and RPD is investigating.

No suspect information at this time.

Jayme Miranda sent us this video

Rockford Scanner™: Man Viciously Beaten And Robbed, While Washing His Vehicle In Rockford

Kassey Heldreth said ” He was hit over the head with a bottle where he was stunned (surprised couldn’t move) than the other guy started hitting him. He went to his knees arms wide open completely blacked out while they just kept hitting him while he was unconscious. They took his earrings his wallet his keys. Dragged his body out, was gonna take his car till someone in two stalls from him heard what was happened and ran to help him.

His nose is completely shattered. His inner ear is completely shattered. The whole bone from under his eyes and nose is shattered. The bone above the top teeth is all shattered. He’s throwing up blood and his ear is bleeding and he has a bubble in his brain”

On 4-20-19 at approximately 2053 hours officers responded to 4118 Harrison Ave. in reference to a Strong Arm Robbery.

The victim was washing his vehicle when he was approached by two suspects from behind. One of the suspects struck the victim in the head.

The suspects then punched the victim several times before taking the victim’s belongings and an undetermined amount of USC.

Both suspects fled the scene on foot. The victim was transported to a local hospital with life threatening injuries.

Suspect #1 is a white male, in his early to mid 20s, medium build, long brown hair. Suspect #2 is a white male, early to mid 20s, medium build, short brown hair, wearing grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Rockford Police or Winnebago County Crime Stoppers.


Rockford Scanner™: Several Accidents, Vehicle Crashes Into A House & Driver Flees

UPDATE: Sources said the alleged suspect is Daniel Gonzalez.

Update: Witness told us: ”  I witnessed the  Jeep rear end the Kia on State, then I saw him wipe out the porch of the house off Prospect, before he sped off. The Jeep in the pictures is definitely the same vehicle. The driver was driving erratically, swerving side to side and at very high speeds. I called 911 then went back to the scene of the first accident and gave a statement.”

Sources are reporting a few accidents.

  • Charles and 20th. Vehicle crashed into a pole. Reports of a vehicle trying to flee and then crashed. Unconfirmed reports are saying the person smelled heavily of alcohol and may be DUI.
  • Prospect and 2nd, a vehicle crashed into a house and the driver fled the scene.
  • East State st and Easton Parkway, auto accident.

Note: We been told the scenes at Charles/20th and 2nd/Prospect,  might be related.  We been told the vehicle hit the house and Prospect and 2nd first, then fled. Then he crashed into the pole at Charles and 20th a short time later.


Rockford Scanner™: Potentially Dangerous Situation On The East Side


UPDATE: It was a traffic stop on a possible stolen vehicle. Police made a traffic stop on the vehicle. No arrests were made.

Sources are reporting a scene on the East side.

It is happening in the area of 11th st and 20th ave.

UPDATE:  It was a traffic stop on a possible stolen vehicle. Police made a traffic stop on the vehicle. No arrests were made.


Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a scene on Rockford Eastside, Police Perimeter


Sources are reporting a scene on Rockford Eastside.

It happened approximately 1:20 AM.

Sounds like a vehicle fled from police and then the suspects fled on foot and now police had a large perimeter set up searching for the suspects.

The source said ” HUGE police presence on Hollister and Hooker Ave, searching a vehicle, cops at Schnucks, Charles St and 20th, behind the salvation army Temple, 22nd St….”

Another source said “30 or more just came down state leaving work every side rd is blocked off and every main rd to get to the side streets cops are not letting anyone thru”

All we can confirm right now is multiple police officers are working a scene on Rockford Eastside and to please avoid this area. Check back later for possible updates.