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Rickie’s Corner

What is Rickie’s Corner?
I will be updating this page with Rockford Scanner information and other misc stuff as well.
So be sure to check this page often

Update: October 29th 2017

 I first want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

  • I have added more content to the Frequently Asked Questions page at  http://rockfordscanner.com/frequently-asked-questions/
  • Taken some ads out for faster load times
  • Speaking of load times, I made all the articles just titles on the main page. You will now have to click the articles to read them. It used to be you could scroll down and read every article. But to made things more efficient and better load times, I decided to not expand the articles and just have them as the titles and a few brief words as the excerpt. This will help everyone with the website load times. I have yet to compare the actual times yet, but you can already see a difference in the load times when you click on our website.
  • I want to go over something with everyone. Yes, the website is not “Pretty”  it is not made to look good. It is made to get the information out quickly to our fans. It’s not a beauty contest.  Yes, I could spice it up and look all pretty and all, but I am about getting the information out to you, than worried about a good looking website. The only reason why I bring this up is because some have been asking about it. And I thought I would address it briefly. Hope you understand.
  • I added a note in the “Listen to the Police Scanner” page, reminding everyone  there is 2 players on there and to pause one of them. Otherwise there is an echo.
  • Currently working on making a few new graphics for the website.
  • Currently working on the front page and going to make it a little more user friendly
  • Added a donation button on the top right of the website, feel free to donate! All the donations go to help pay for the website and website maintenance.
  • Want to send a special shout out to the fans who participated in the Rockford Scanner treasure hunt for the tickets! Hope everyone had fun!

August 15th 2017 Update

Check out our sponsors at http://rockfordscanner.com/favorite-links-sponsors/

Welcome everyone to Rickie’s Corner! I thought it was time to update this page and let everyone know what has been going on. As many of you know I blog on my personal website at http://RickieTraeger.com and I normally put the updates on there first. So be sure to check out my personal website.

This weeks contest is a chance to meet and greet and see Eric Paslay in concert!  We are giving away 5 pairs of tickets everyday this week! And 1 meet and greet a day!  Eric Paslay will be playing at the Apollo Theater in Belvidere on Friday! To enter   http://rockfordscanner.com/contests/

If you prefer to buy your tickets ~ http://www.ticketfly.com/venue/16829-the-apollo-theatre-ac/

I added a few pages to our website since I last updated this.  The first one is with some information on sending us your photos and videos ~ http://rockfordscanner.com/sending-photos-and-videos/  It has some good information on there, so be sure to check it out.

We also added a Job Listing page to our website. http://rockfordscanner.com/rockford-scanner-job-listings/ It will be updated often. If you know of a job opening, let us know!

I added a link on this site in reference to airplane spotting at the Rockford Airport. As many of you know I am really into aircraft and the Rockford Airport is such an awesome place that is spotter friendly and has a variety of aircraft that fly in and out of the airport. I created a page on my personal website at http://rickietraeger.com/rockford-airport-planespotting/ and added it onto this website, so many can learn and understand how to planespot and see these wonderful aircraft that come into the Rockford Airport

I been trying to do more events and positive things. I went to the Arlington Million over the weekend and thought it be a good thing to share on Rockford Scanner. A positive post about a big race in the region that attracts a lot of business and international attention. Who doesn’t like horse racing! http://rickietraeger.com/2017/08/14/arlington-million-experience/  I live streamed the race from the track fence line. Figured it be a cool way for everyone to see, from that point of view.

We have posted several events since the last update and plan on posting many more! If you want to advertise your event, let us know! We will happy to help!!!


  • We have added an app to the Apple ITunes store!  It is FREE!
  • Added 30 news stories as the default on the default front page.  We been experimenting on the load times, and user feedback. So be sure to let us know what you think.
  • Added more of our favorite links and sponsors to http://rockfordscanner.com/favorite-links-sponsors/  so be sure to check them out!
  • We added the Boone County scanner feed to our website, thanks to Gene Young
  • We are looking for volunteers, if you are dedicated and want to volunteer for Rockford Scanner, let us know. Opportunities to quickly advance. http://rockfordscanner.com/volunteer-for-rockford-scanner/
  • Added more pets to the Lost and Found Pets Page http://rockfordscanner.com/rockford-scanner-lost-and-found-pet-page/
  • Edited and added some answers to the FAQ page http://rockfordscanner.com/frequently-asked-questions/  There is a ton of wealth of information on there!
  • Sending out a shout out to our Admin Will, for getting an internship at the National Weather Service office! As many of you know, Will is out meteorologist and provides daily weather forecasts on our website.  It is awesome to hear him getting this opportunity with the NWS!!

Update: March 30th 2017

  • We had some issues with the website and I was not able to update the pages. It took a long time to fix. But I am proud to say that issue is finally fixed! We will be updating the pages once again.
  • I been trying to make the website more responsive and user friendly.  I took out one of the menus on top and also put a lot of the links in the main menu, into dropdown options in the menu on top.  So the website loads faster. I do not personally think it is user friendly though, because of not seeing the links you may not be aware they are there. So I am in the process of trying to figure a way to make the links visible via a different method.  I am still working on that.
  • The front page, I took a lot of the content off of there. And made it more responsive and load times faster.  I also made the front page load the first 10 articles, instead of 20. This way it loads faster as well. To view past the 10th article, just click on the “older posts” button.
  • Plan on editing more pages here shortly.
  • Online police feed is up 24/7
  • RS android app. still in beta, hope to get more feedback from users to make sure things are good before making it go live. It is free, so be sure to download it from the google play store!


I want to first start off by saying Happy 2017! 

  • I have been working on the Rockford Scanner Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Rockford-Scanner-214732295205455/ I added a lot of TABS on the left side of the FB page. Links to useful things. So when you visit our FB page, be sure to check out the tabs on the left side of the page!
  • I fixed an issue where our posts were being double posted to our Twitter page. It now only posts one time, it does not double post anymore. I want to thank everyone who gave me heads up on this! Much appreciated. It took a little bit to troubleshoot, but once I found the source it was a quick fix 🙂
  • We want to welcome Will Wight to the Rockford Scanner team. He publishes a daily (and when severe weather hits, live)  Updates on the Rockford Scanner WEATHER PAGE at http://rockfordscanner.com/rockford-scanner-weather-page/

Will is also a junior meteorology major at Valparaiso University. Be sure to visit the weather page to read more about him and also the current weather conditions (LIVE WEATHER UPDATES) and radar and the forecast!


Rockford Scanner Founder: Rickie Traeger



Update: Added a few pages to the website

Contact Rockford Scanner: http://rockfordscanner.com/contact-rockford-scanner/

About Rickie Traeger: http://rockfordscanner.com/about-rockford-scanner/about-rickie-traeger/


Update: You can listen to the police scanner again on our website.
Listen to the county police and all the fire departments also.

Note: You can NOT listen to the Rockford police anymore, because they went encrypted.  

Listen to the County PD and local fire departments at http://rockfordscanner.com/listen.html

We have added the police 10 code list back to our website.



I am adding more pages and stuff to the website. As you know, I did a fresh restart not to long ago. So I am updating and adding new things.  If there is anything you like to see, let me know.

There is a F.A.Q. page on our site that has a lot of answers to some frequently asked questions. I am adding things on there, so check it often.  http://rockfordscanner.com/frequently-asked-questions/

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the Rockford Scanner beta app to your android cell phone. You can find it in the google play store. It is free.   It is still in beta stages, so please email us with any bugs or errors you might encounter.  It is free!

Check this page for any updates, changes, or just misc. stuff.




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