Rockford Scanner™: Man Drives His Vehicle Into The Woods & Into Some Trees

Sources are reporting a man driving his vehicle into some woods and into some trees.   It happened around 8:40 pm tonight in the 5000 block of Linden.  A man in a Blue Mercedes Benz was under the influence and drove the vehicle into the wooded area near this location and into the trees. Possible extrication was needed. No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Semi Accident Near Cherry Valley

Sources are reporting a traffic incident involving a semi near Cherry Valley.   It happened near Mill rd.  

It appears a semi went off the roadway near this location, causing a traffic backup in the area for awhile. It is unknown why the semi went off the roadway.  No other information is available.

Photos by Admin Will and Julian Song


Rockford Scanner™: Another Accident With Injuries in Rockford, Avoid The Area

Another Accident With Injuries in Rockford.

It happened around 3:45 pm near Perryville and Newburg.

Injuries were being reported.  At least one person was reporting non life threatening injuries.  The accident is causing traffic delays, so avoid the area.



Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Vandalize A Local Store, Possible New Trend

Sources are reporting that a local store was vandalized on Sunday afternoon.

Three females allegedly went into the gas station at S Alpine and Linden on Sunday afternoon. They destroyed many items in the store.

Then they ran away laughing about what they had just done.

Sources said the police have video of the incident and also the suspects license plate number, but sources said the police were not interested in investigating this case.  Just took the report on it.

The employee that was working was highly distraught and crying.

This is the 13th incident we have heard about in the last few months, about something similar happening in other local stores as well. It seems to be a trend locally, because of how often it happens.

We have asked the police in the past about these incidents, and they refused to comment on the incidents.



Rockford Scanner™: Police are investigating several “In Progress” calls in Winnebago County

Police are investigating several “In Progress” calls in Winnebago County. 

In the past police have labeled the following crimes under “In Progress”: Murders, Shootings, Stabbings, Robberies, Home Invasions, Death Investigations, Etc… 



Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Injuries, 2 year old Involved


Around 9 am this morning a vehicle rolled over. 

Sources said a black vehicle was traveling at a high rate of sped when it left the roadway and rolled over. It happened on I-90 near Magic Waters .

An adult had head injuries, a 2 year old child is reported not to be injured.

Several emergency personnel are en route. Still developing.



Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident With Injuries

Sources are reporting a rollover accident with injuries. 

It happened this morning near Mulford and Harrison.

Reports of a vehicle that rolled over, that was involved in an auto accident.

Injuries were being reported. At the time of writing this we have been told one person has life threatening injuries, but officials have yet to confirm this.

Avoid the area.


Rockford Scanner™: Accident With injuries Near Newburg


Sources are reporting an accident with injuries. it happened near Newburg rd and Randal Drive. 

Initial reports are saying there is an auto accident with injuries near this intersection.

It is unknown how severe the injuries are at the time of writing this. Multiple injuries were being reported. At least 2 ambulances were on scene.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: We Want To Hear About Your Paranormal Experience!


I am wanting to do some stories on local paranormal encounters in and around the Winnebago County areas. 

If you had an experience with a possible ghost, bigfoot, ufo, or anything else strange in or around the Winnebago County area.
I would like to hear from you!

Is your house haunted?  Are you a 1st responder who saw or experienced a paranormal encounter?  Saw a ghost?  Been to Bloods Point?
We want to hear about your experience!

We will definitely keep everyone anonymous.  Privacy is our number one key. We know coming forward and telling your story my be hard for some. There is no worries, we will keep you ANONYMOUS. 

Please email us at
with your experience. 

#1 Your expereince 
#2 Location
#3 Date/Time
#4 Your name or anonymous


Rockford Scanner™: Stop, Drop, Roll Saves A Womans Life Near Cherry Valley

A woman was setting a fire with an accelerate and it blew up on her. The flames caught her on fire. She stopped, dropped and rolled. She was able to extinguish the fire herself but was injured.  It happened a little after 7 pm tonight on a street that began with an L. I missed the street name. Cherry Valley FD responded  to the scene. No other information.

Update:  Lockwood or Lawrence