Rockford Scanner™: Several Emergency personnel Working A Water Rescue Near The Airport


Sources are reporting a water rescue. 

Reports of several emergency personnel at the old Ace of Diamonds on S Main near the airport. Reports of some people that were on the river and had got stranded on an island and are unable to get off.

Unknown what happened at this time for them to have caused them to be stranded. Everyone is reported to be out of the water and stuck on the shore.

This is near marker 7.5, where the two rivers meetup.



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Water Rescue/Missing Boater

Sources are reporting a possible missing boater/water rescue. 

It happened near Atwood Park.   Emergency personnel have found a boat that is not occupied. A search is currently ongoing at the time of writing this. No description of the possible boaters that are missing. Still developing.

UPDATE: Police have confirmed a man approx 52 years old was on the boat that was anchored in the water. He is missing. his phone was left on the boat.



Rockford Scanner™: Possible Jumper Near Downtown Rockford


Around 5 pm today, several emergency personnel were working a scene near downtown Rockford. 

A black female with short hair was on the ledge of the Whitman st bridge, threatening to jump into the Rock River. She was yelling at the emergency personnel to back away from her. She was on the ledge a short time, when she was secured and not able to jump anymore.  The scene is now secure.



Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue Near Rockton

WATER RESCUE: Rockton Firefighters and Dive Rescue Personnel were called to the Rock River for a subject that was in the water and in distress. The call was received shortly after 7:30 Wednesday evening. Passerby’s heard her screams for help and called 911. A female subject (who was alone) had just launched her kayak from Settlers Park when she capsized just east of the railroad bridge in Rockton. She was unable to get back into the kayak but was able to throw her anchor allowing the vessel to remain stationary. In heavy water currents, she was clinging to the kayak when rescue personnel arrived and successfully removed her from the water. The kayak was retrieved as well. Fortunately, she was wearing a personal flotation device and was uninjured. Chief Wilson would like to remind those seeking adventure on the water to never boat alone.


Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue Of An 8 Year Old in The Rock River


On 7/7/2019 at 2:09 PM Janesville Police and Janesville Fire responded to a water rescue call at 21 Dodge St, Janesville Town Square.

An eight year old boy was on the pier behind the Town Square Pavilion. The boy fell off the pier into the Rock River. An Officer responded to the north parking lot of 215 S River St, Rivers Edge Bowl. A throw rope was deployed and the boy was able to grab onto it.

The Officer pulled the boy to the edge of the cement embankment and was able to hold him there, but could not lift him out because of the steep embankment.

Another Officer had responded to the Racine St Bridge. There was a fisherman in a boat. The Officer asked the fisherman for help. The fisherman responded to the area behind Rivers Edge Bowl and assisted by lifting the boy out of the water so Officers could take hold and lift him the rest of the way up over the embankment. The boy had no apparent injury, but was transported to a local hospital for medical examination.



Rockford Scanner™: Small Child Found In The Bottom Of The Pool At A Local Country Club


Sources are reporting a near drowning at a local country club.

A child approximately four years old was found in the bottom of the pool at the Forest Hills country club around 5:15 PM today.

They were able to pull the child out of the pool.  The child is conscious.  It is not yet known on the severity of the child’s injuries at this time.

Emergency personnel are on scene.



Rockford Scanner™: Person in the River, Water Rescue


Sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford. 

Details are minimal at the time of writing this.

It happened around 3:40 am near the Whitman st bridge.

Reports of a person in the water, and was going under the water.

Several units are en route. Still developing.

UPDATE: A LPPD officer has sight of the victim. He is an elderly male. He is reported to be out of the river now. Unknown on his condition.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase Ends Up With The Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle


Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle

Sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford around midnight. 

It happened around 12:05 am this morning around Falcon and Beltline. 

There is reports of a vehicle in the river and 2 people are trapped inside it. 

This was a police chase, that ended up in the river.

The vehicle is completely submerged.

Officers are in the river trying to rescue the suspects.

Still developing. 

Update: The 2 people were rescued.  At least one of them needed medical attention.


Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue in Rockford

Several sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford.

Sources said several emergency personnel including the rescue boats were near the Ace of Diamonds on S Main.

No details are available right now on the actual water rescue.

No other info. at this time.

Video by Jacob

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Rockford Scanner™: Boat Capsized At A Local Lake, Several Emergency personnel En Route

Update from Karissa Gelafio   “ It was a sailboat that got flipped over by the high gusts that was blowing out in the middle of the lake. He got out fine by the fire Dept, he wasn’t wearing his life vest when he launched. He had it with him however. It got taken care of fine and everyone is safe.”

Sources are reporting a boat has capsized around 3:30 pm today.

It happened at Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park.
A paddle boat has capsized in the middle of Pierce Lake and the occupants are in the water.

Several emergency personnel are en route.

Still developing.


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