Rockford Scanner™: Police arrest counterfeit money suspects

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Police arrest counterfeit money suspects

On 12-7-18 at 4:30 PM Janesville Police responded to Woodman’s Grocery for a subject attempting to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. The suspects left prior to officer arrival in a black 2009 Nissan Cube. Officers later located this vehicle parked in the Target store parking lot occupied by a subject sitting in the driver’s seat later identified as Kierre Washington.

In plain view officers saw additional $100 bills located in the door pockets and cup holders. While Washington was being taken into custody another subject exited Target and was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit. The second subject was identified as Tysean Pollard.

After searching the vehicle, $1100.00 of counterfeit $100 bills, paper with $100 counterfeit currency printed on it, and a small printer were recovered as evidence. Also recovered was $1098.00 of real US Currency.

It was later discovered six businesses in all were hit by these subjects which included Woodman’s Grocery, Target, Kohl’s, Festival Foods, Walmart, and Shopko. Both Pollard and Washington were arrested and held at the Rock County Jail pending an initial court appearance.

Arrested: Pollard, Tysean J. age 17 of Madison, WI
Charge: 943.38(2) Forgery 6 counts

Washington, Kierre M. age 18 of Madison, WI
Charge: 943.28(2)/939.05(2)(C) Party to crime/Forgery 6 counts

Pursuant to the directive of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3:6 Trial Publicity, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.



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Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Scene Near N Main

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Sources Reporting A Scene Near N Main

Sources are reporting they heard shots being fired and saw a police chase going down N Main st in Rockford.

Unknown if the 2 incidents are related.

Shortly after that, sources were reporting numerous police officers at the Olympic Tavern on N Main.  Unknown if it is related to this, or another scene.

Please avoid N Main for awhile. We will try bringing you updates if they become available




Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Rob and Rape A Woman In Rockford

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RPD labeled this violent call as “Check for well being”

Sources have told us that the men severely beat the victim (Aggravated Battery charge with great bodily harm) RPD said non life threatening injuries. Suspects got away with $95 in cash and a link card.

35 year old Randy Bray and 41 year old Anzio King have been arrested

Both men are now charged two counts each of aggravated battery, residential burglary, home invasion, and armed robbery. King faces additional charges of criminal sexual assault and unlawful restraint.

Sources reporting a group of men broke into a residence and raped a woman in Rockford.  It happened approx. 3 am on Monday morning in the 2200 block of 7th st in Rockford.

The suspects robbed the victim and one of them raped the woman.

The suspects then fled the scene.

Rockford Scanner™: Source Reporting A Scene At A Machesney park Business

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RS Source reporting:
” 5 or more police cars at the Target on 173 in Machesney park right now. Searching a car on the side of Target”

Unknown what happened at the time of posting this.


Rockford Scanner™: Do You Recognize This Person? Wanted For Burglarizing A Local Business. Owner Offering A $10.000 REWARD

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Do You Recognize This Person?

Wanted For Burglarizing A Loves Park Business.

Owner Of The Business Is Offering A $10.000.00 REWARD

Recognize the clothing?  Recognize the person?  Recognize the bag?
You can remain anonymous, if you turn this suspect in!

Burglary happened December 2nd 2018 around 8:20 pm.

You can send us the tip at  and we can relay it to the police for you anonymously.

or call 779-238-1268
Watch the security camera footage below

Rockford Scanner™: Suspicious Person In Roscoe, Police Investigating

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SUSPICIOUS PERSON: 10800 block Lemon Grass Ln.

Subject in black clothing with ski mask and sun glasses looking into house windows.

On 11/30/18 at 11pm. officers responded to the 10800 block of Lemon Grass Ln. in regard to a suspicious person. The subject was reported to be approximately 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. The subject was in all black clothing with a black ski mask and black sun glasses. The subject was reportedly looking into the front window of a residence.

Officers were unable to locate the subject. Officers did locate several open garage doors and unlocked vehicles with valuables in plain view in Chicory Ridge Subdivision.

Please remember to secure garage doors and vehicles when unattended.



Rockford Scanner™: Suspects In A Stolen Vehicle Hit Police, And Get Away

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Sources are reporting police have recovered a vehicle that was recently involved in criminal activity.

They recovered it near Quail drive and Schalck Drive

The vehicle was reported stolen, the suspect hit a police vehicle, and reportedly committed some crimes in the vehicle before abandoning it.

Police located it near this area, unoccupied.
No suspect information, due to the encryption
Update from a source: Young black male suspect.

Keep up the good work sending in your info!


Rockford Scanner™: Here  is a list of the violent calls in the last 72 hours

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Here  is a list of the violent calls in the last 72 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions





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Video by Chris

Source sent us the following screenshot. According to this, these passengers were boarding a plane at the Rockford Airport and were checking in a bag. The bag has 2 Christmas ornaments and a bottle of vodka in it. They tried to tell the airport authorities what it was, but they still evacuated the building. They detained the 2 guys in police squad cars while they investigated. They were able to confirm it was not a bomb and gave the all clear.

UPDATE: Police have the airport area blocked off.  Initial reports are saying it was a bomb threat. Sources have told us. They do believe it is a possible bomb. The bomb squad is on scene. Rockford Fire Department ambulance went out there with lights and sirens, unknown on injuries at this time. Still developing

Details are minimal right now due to the encryption.

Sources are reporting a bomb threat the Rockford Airport.

They are evacuating the Rockford Airport.  Almost 200 people have been evacuated. Several emergency personnel are en route to the scene.

This is still developing, check back later for updates

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Rockford Scanner®: Last 72 Hours Violent Crime Call Recap 

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Last 72 hours violent crime call recap 

Note: We are now adding “Medical Assists & Other Disorderly Conduct” to these lists. Because it has been confirmed more than a few times the local police have been labeling violent crimes such as shooting victims, home invasions ,robberies, stabbings, kidnappings and even deaths. As these types of calls.

In the past Police labeled Shootings, stabbings, robberies, kidnappings, deaths as “In Progress Person”


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