Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Cyber Attacked The Rockford Public School 205 District System


Suspects Cyber Attacked The Rockford Public School 205 District System

RPS 205 parents/guardians and staff,

Our district is working with a professional forensic firm to investigate this ransomware attack.

We are still working to both recover and rebuild our systems. We want all employees to know that our forensic firm has not identified any specific personal information that was accessed by the attacker group. However, the investigation did determine that user names and passwords might have been involved.

When you log onto your RPS 205 email account or onto a district-issued device in the coming days, you will be forced to change your password to gain access. As a precaution, please change any personal passwords that you have used on a district-issued device, as well.

We are still investigating whether any student or staff personal information was affected by this incident. We will share more information as soon as we’re able to provide it.

Our Information Technology team continues to make progress during our districtwide systems outage. We expect to hit several milestones this week, such as restoring access to phones, bells and PA systems; providing staff with access to Google, Google Classroom and Google Drive, and restoring access to districtwide WiFi so students can use Chromebooks in class, as well. We will share a time frame to expect access in the coming days.

Our Information Technology team is working around the clock to rebuild our network and restore access.

We continue to share our thanks to our teachers, principals, staff, students and parents for their patience and understanding during this outage


Rockford Scanner™: Police Searching For A Suspect, in the Roscoe area

Roscoe Police Press Release: Police are seeking the driver of a maroon pickup truck (unknown, make/model/registration) with a loud exhaust in connection to a suspicious incident that occurred in the 11000 block of Lemon Grass Ln.

Sources have told us the incident was an attempted child abduction.  But police are encrypted have not released anymore information or confirmed this.

Update: After we posted this, the Roscoe PD released this: On 09/03/2019 the Roscoe Police responded to the 11,000 block of Lemon Grass Lane for a suspicious incident where a male approached a juvenile who was playing at their residence. The individual was described as a white male, 18-22 years old, brown hair, with a beard, wearing a white shirt and orange shorts. The male left the scene after briefly speaking with the juvenile and entered a maroon pickup truck (unknown make/model/registration) with a loud exhaust. If you have any further information regarding this incident, please contact the Roscoe Police Department

Sources sent us the following:


Rockford Scanner™: Carjacking in Rockford, RPD Investigating

We sat on this story as well, hoping the local police would release information on it. And again, they did not. So we are posting it.

Sources are reporting a carjacking in Rockford. 

It happened in the area of  Court and Vernon around 9 pm. 

Suspects are a couple of black males wearing dark clothing. 

Unknown if it is related, but we have been told there was a very large police chase on 20 around 1 am, that involved approx 30+ squad cars. 



Rockford Scanner™: Police Arrest An Alleged Violent Wanted Man, At A Local Motel


Sources are reporting a scene at a local motel last night around 10:30 pm in the 7600 block of Colosseum in Rockford. 

Sources said the local police got a tip on a wanted suspect that was staying at the motel.

Police conducted an investigation and found the wanted man. 

Police arrested a man named Sam Giacalone.   

He was booked in the jail around 12:30 am on several charges that include: Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, Violation of Bail Bond, violation of a no stalking order, etc…  He is being held in the jail on a no bond.  



Rockford Scanner™: Do NOT Use Your Debit/Credit Cards At Local Stores, Alleged Thefts Going On

We have had several people reporting some local businesses have been stealing peoples debit/credit cards and using them illegally to purchase items. We can not confirm this, but several people have contacted us and said they have been victims. To put a long story short: If you have to hand over your card, then do NOT use it. Pay cash. If you are a victim, then call police right away. Below is from one alleged victim, there have been numerous reports of it not only happening at the local Mcdonalds, but several other area businesses as well.

Cristal Mari Franco posted these videos. Her theft allegedly happened at the Mcdonalds on Northridge: You can see a bunch of her videos and posts about the topic at


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fans Warn Citizens Of A Suspicious Person in Machesney Park


Several people are reporting a suspicious person in Machesney park. 

Many have called the police, but the police have yet to do anything about the situation.

So the concerned citizens have contacted us in hopes of warning the nearby citizens. 

A man of Arab decent in a grayish colored SUV/Jeep with tinted windows and a rack on the back of the vehicle, is acting very suspiciously in the area of Showplace 14 in Machesney park, usually between the times of 10 am to 1 pm. 

So the concerned citizens have reached out to us and asked if we can do an article on this, in hopes of warning the citizens in the area and keeping their eyes and ears open about this suspicious man. 


Rockford Scanner™: Reward Being Offered For The Arrest Of This Man

From Haas Towing:
” Friday morning at 1:27 a.m two men on bikes stopped in a parking lot at 2433 20th st and started breaking into cars. We will offer a $500 reward for anyone that can lead us to an arrest of this man. Can you help us spread the word “


Rockford Scanner™: 2 Vehicles Stolen In Loves Park, One Crashes into A House

UPDATE2 juveniles are in custody for the stolen vehicles.

Suspects Steal 2 Vehicles In Loves Park, Then Drive Recklessly And Crash into A House in Loves Park.

Sources are reporting suspects stole 2 vehicles in the 200 block of Renrose in Loves Park overnight. After stealing the vehicles they were driving erratically and squealing the tires and honking and flashing their lights.

Short time later, they crashed into a residence. The suspects then fled the scene on foot.  Unknown on their description, or the description of the 2nd vehicle that has not been recovered yet.

Update: The 2nd vehicle was recovered on Burrwood. The vehicle did not crash into the house, but they parked it in the lawn very close to the house.

No suspects are in custody at this time. If you have any information, please call the LPPD.


Rockford Scanner™: Counterfeit Ring Arrested

Counterfeit Ring Arrested
On 05-01-2019 at 4:58 pm, Officer from The Janesville Police Department were dispatched to a fraud complaint at Milio’s located at 2228 Humes Rd. The reporting person said 2 males just left the store after passing counterfeit 50 dollar bills.

The two suspects in this incident initially fled from the scene. The investigating officers were able to develop a suspect vehicle, and located the vehicle at Jiffy Lube right next door. The officers interviewed the driver of that vehicle and learned the suspects fled to the Super 8 Hotel. The two suspects were located at the hotel and taken into custody.

In total three people were arrested. Two people were arrested for passing counterfeit bills and one person on outstanding warrants. All three suspects are from the Chicago area and the investigation is ongoing. To this point there were two businesses that reported taking counterfeit bills. We are still determining if there are other businesses in our area affected.

Elijah C. Robinson
34 year old Male
1866 S. Karlov Ave #106 Chicago Il
943.38(2) Uttering felony
943.38/ 939.32 Attempted Uttering
943.20(1)(d) Theft by deception
973.10 Probation Violation

Marquis D. Harris
18 year old male
3016 W. Flournoy St #3, Chicago Il
943.38(2) Uttering felony
943.38/ 939.32/939.05 PTAC Attempted Uttering
943.20(1)(d) Theft by deception
961.41(3g)(e) Possession of THC

Janyah R. Dejareaux
(Public records shows she is currently on parole and was scheduled to be discharged from her parole in 3 weeks. POSS AMT CON SUB EXCEPT(A)/(D)
was the original charge back in 2017 and scheduled to be off parole on 05/19/2019


26 year old female
1322 S. Lawdell Ave, Chicago Il
976.03(13) Fugitive Complaint
961.41(3g)(e) Possession of THC

Pursuant to the directive of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3:6 Trial Publicity, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


Rockford Scanner™: Person Impersonating A Police Officer in Rockford

Sources are reporting a person who impersonated a police officer in Rockford.

It happened around 8:45 pm near State and Mulford.

No other information at this time.

NOTES:   If you are being pulled over, make sure you pull over into a SAFE area. A place with cameras and people.
A gas station  is a perfect place to pull over.

Police cars have RED AND BLUE lights.

Any other colors, are NOT police officers.
If it is just one color, it is NOT a police officer.

If you are suspicious, call 911 right away. They will be able to tell you if the person is a police officer or not.