Rockford Scanner™: Man Arrested For Felony Disorderly Conduct, After Falsely Reporting His Vehicle Stolen

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Felony Disorderly Conduct

On 09/21/2018 at approximately 3:16 PM, Ogle County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a stolen vehicle complaint at 4449 W. IL Rte 64.

After investigation, Deputies learned the vehicle was in fact not stolen and the report was false. Deputies then placed Hortencia Jaimes-Carbajal, age 43 of Mt. Morris under arrest for Disorderly Conduct (class 4 felony).

Jaimes-Carbajal was transported to the Ogle County Jail where she was held pending a court appearance in front of a judge.


Rockford Scanner™: Stolen Vehicle Near Roscoe, Suspect Armed With Gun

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Sighting of a stolen vehicle near Roscoe.

Police spotted a stolen Blue Camry at the Fasmart on N Second st in Roscoe.

Suspect armed with a gun.

Last seen on Swanson rd

Note: Unconfirmed, but it was stolen from the North Town Mall area.

The video above, was taken from a sources security camera system as the vehicle fled

Neighbor had her kids in the front yard when the car drove through the yard almost hitting them


Rockford Scanner™: Sighting Of A Stolen Van, Driver Armed With Gun. Police Don’t Chase

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Sighting of a stolen vehicle in Rockford.

Police did not chase the vehicle.

The vehicle was reported stolen. Police saw the vehicle at the Mcdonalds in the 40 block of S Perryville around 3:40 pm

White 2000 express van with blue spray paint on it, plate number of 1768197

Driver is armed with a gun.


Rockford Scanner™: Violent Crime Call Recap, Another Violent Last Few Days In Rockford & Winnebago County

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Editors Note: We are now including the medical assists and information for police calls. Local police have been coding violent crimes, under these codes. Example: Rockford’s last few murders have been coded medical assists.


Rockford Scanner™: Security Camera Footage Of An Alleged Thief On the East Side

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We were sent the following security camera footage.

Send us your security camera footage, we will post it for you.
We will keep you anonymous, if you like!

Sources have reported numerous vehicles were burglarized in the area overnight.


This is security footage from my house at 2:28am this morning. This kid was hoping to be able to steal from me and my family. We leave our front lights on every night and last night happened to be the one night we forgot. Luckily, my cameras don’t care if the lights are on or off.

We live in a nice neighborhood off Mulford and Harrison but unfortunately crime is everywhere in Rockford.

A neighbor’s daughter a few houses down was the victim of a strong arm robbery in her own garage just over a month ago.

You can see most clearly from the video versus the screenshots but we’d appreciate this being spread across Facebook for Rockford residents to see and if anyone can identify him to please let us know.

Since he’s on a bike, I would guess he can’t live far from the Mulford/Harrison area and perhaps even in our neighborhood in case anyone local has seen him riding around. As he is pulling out of the driveway, it looks like he is waving so I’m guessing there was at least one other person with him.

It’s a shame to have to post this, but if it prevents a future break in or makes this delinquent rethink his future actions, then I’m happy to. Thanks in advance for any help!”

Rockford Scanner™: Graveyard Thief Caught On Camera At A Local Cemetery

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A source contacted us in regards to someone stealing items from their family members gravesite in a local cemetery.

It is happening at the Calvary Cemetery.

The victim passed away a day before his birthday on 12/16/2016.  The family frequently put items on the grave site of their loved one when they visited him.

Then in March 2017 they began to notice the items they were placing on the grave was coming up missing.

They talked to the staff at the cemetery and asked them if they were taking the items or knew what was happening.  That is when they realized there was a thief on the loose in the cemetery.

Security cameras placed in the cemetery was able to capture the alleged suspect stealing items from their loved ones grave site.

The local police were contacted and are investigating.

They need your help identifying this alleged grave yard thief!


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Has Their Van Stolen, More Info In The Article

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Sources are reporting a Rockford Scanner fan has had their vehicle stolen in Rockford.  It happened in the area of N Court and Auburn.

It is described as a red dodge caravan with a betty boop sticker in the window.

If you see this van, call the RPD


Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Asking For The Public To Help Them Identify Suspects In A Recent Crime

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IDENTIFICATION HELP: Detectives from the Rockford Police Department are asking for the public’s assistance identifying two people following a theft last month. On July 30, 2018 officers responded to Golden Corral (995 S. Perryville Road) for an elderly woman whose purse had been taken.

The female suspect is described as a white female in her twenties with brown hair and a tattoo on her outer right ankle. Her companion, who is not considered a suspect, is described as a white male in his twenties with multiple arm tattoos.

Anyone with information should call Rockford Police at 815-966-2900 or Rockford Area Crime Stoppers at 815-963-7867.

Rockford Scanner™: Truck Stolen In Rockford, Reward If Found

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Sources reporting a truck has been stolen in Rockford. 

It happened in the 400 block of 18th ave in Rockford. 

The vehicle is a 2003 F-150 supercrew cab, no topper, maroon in color and the Plate # 2142729

They are offering a REWARD if you find it

Photo on our Facebook Page


Rockford Scanner™: Roscoe Police Searching For A Woman, Details & Photo In The Article

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The Roscoe Police Department is investigating a Fraud that occurred at Midland Bank on 08/10/2018.

If you can identify the individual in the picture, please contact the Roscoe Police Department 815-623-7338.



Rockford Scanner™: Pedestrian Hit By A Vehicle At A Rockford Business

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UPDATE:  The vehicle that hit the pedestrian, was reported stolen.

Around 9:20 am this morning, sources were reporting a pedestrian has been hit by a vehicle at a local business.

It happened at 3902 W Riverside at the Walmart.

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle and is injured.

Several emergency personnel are en route



Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase Stolen Vehicle, Terminate Pursuit




Around 12:30 am officers were attempting to stop a stolen vehicle near 11th st. 

A suspect in the stolen black ford fusion, fled from officers. 

Officers terminated the chase near Montrose. Last seen Eastbound. 



Rockford Scanner™: Scene At Target in Rockford



Sources reporting a scene at the Target on E State st around 3 pm today.

A lot of police officers at the scene.

Unknown what happened, due to the encryption.

Call log shows it to be “Other Disorderly Conduct”

Note: In the past, RPD has labeled shooting victim calls as this.

Unknown what happened, other than there was a lot of police officers at the Target and their call log shows “Other Disorderly Conduct”

Update: There was a disorderly customer who was suspected to have mental health issues who was very upset and disgruntled with other customers and store employees.

Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Has Their Bag Stolen/Lost At Sinnissippi



Yasmin Esparza

Black leather camera bag lost/stolen at Sinnissippi. Cash reward if turned in with everything. Very very important to me.
I biked to sinnissippi on Sunday around 5PM. I remember stoping at the area on the image to rest, after passing most of the gardens to my right. I kept going up the rock river past the symbol and stopped at the new island. I was working on a land piece, and as soon as I go to take a pictures, MY CAMERA BAG IS GONE. With my camera, car keys, and some other personal stuff in it.

I am offering a cash reward if anyone turn it in, it’s of very sentimental value and would hate to lose it. I am a young artist who’s worked hard to even purchase it and it should go back to its rightful owner. Any information will help. Thank you.


Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Camera: Ladies Stealing Porch Furniture in Rockford

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Jordan Mack Bates:
They took furniture that consists of two dark brown, wicker chairs with a side table that is from Pier 1 along with a flower arrangement. It happened behind Gray’s shopping center off of Alpine and Highcrest in Rockford!



Rockford Scanner™: Approx. 50 Bases Were Stolen Off Of Poles Overnight, Police Searching For The Suspects & Bases

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Good morning. We need your help quick this morning Beloit.

This morning around 5am approximately 50 of these decorative bases were removed from the street lights on Prairie Av north of Hart Rd.

A witness observed an older white Buick Lesabre with 2 male black subjects removing the bases. The vehicle was last seen at Prairie and Elmwood. We are looking for that car and the bases for the lights.

If you see someone removing parts to a pole and they are not in a vehicle with markings on it, or in uniform, we would always encourage you to call in a suspicious activity. If you see this vehicle today with 2 males within the next hour or so (910 am) please call 7572244 right away. Thanks.

Sgt Flanagan



Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Camera: Package Stolen In Loves Park

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Tony Fritch: “Looking for this person he stole a package from our porch a minute after ups delivered! Happened in the area of Harlem and Forest Hills in Loves Park. We would appreciate any help we are getting married in a month and they are our white table clothes and burgundy runners. We believe the truck is a black or dark green Chevy silverado with chrome bed rails and a black push bar.”


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Has Their Vehicle Stolen

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RS fan Ashley Carrico:

Around 10:30-2 am my brothers 99 BMW 528i was stolen from in front of our house. License plate number is 280U599 temp plate still attached.

Silver with minimal rust. The front BMW logo is faded. Little blue sticker in back window in lower right hand corner.

Approximately 3 weeks ago he lost his keys and the car has been sitting in our street since and tonight I came home to it being gone! IF YOU SEE THIS VEHICLE PLEASE CONTACT THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY”

Rockford Scanner™: “Scrappers” Stealing More Than Garbage In The Area

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Theft of Property in Clearwing Subdivision: Be aware of ‘scrappers’ collecting items on garbage day that are not placed at the curb.


Theft of Property in Clearwing Subdivision: Be aware of ‘scrappers’ collecting items on garbage day that are not placed at the curb. 

It was reported an older tan Chevrolet pickup truck (unknown model/registration) occupied by two white males took property from a residential driveway that was not placed by the curb. The Chevrolet was rusted and had a white band across the lower half of the vehicle. 

Please contact the Roscoe Police Department (815) 623-7338 with any suspect information or sightings. 

Always appropriately secure valuable items.