Rockford Scanner®: Police Recover A Stolen Vehicle, Suspects Fled On Foot

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Sources were reporting a large police presence on the East side.

It happened in the area of Charles and 16th st.

Police confirmed they recovered a stolen vehicle.

The suspects fled from the vehicle on foot, and several officers were in the area searching for the suspects. No suspect description, due to the encryption.  Still developing


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Author: Rickie Traeger at

Rockford Scanner®: You Can Stop Rockford Criminals, by Tanker

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As you know if you send us stuff, we do post it on our website. We are un-biased and are open to many things. Feel free to send us your stuff to post on our website, like Tanker does! 

The following below was sent to us by Tanker, to share with the public

You Can Stop Rockford Criminals, by Tanker

Again Rockford Scanner is reporting vehicles stolen in Rockford. I hope the vehicles are recovered in good condition, and that the Criminals face justice.

All Rockford Scanner fans should know these facts:

Criminals won’t steal your vehicle if you lock it with the engine off, windows up, and take your keys. Rockford Criminals are not patient or needy enough to break into a locked car, defeat the steering interlock, and/or hot wire the ignition. They don’t have to, because they can easily find unlocked running cars to jack, especially at convenience stores, and warming up in driveways early in the morning.

It’s up to US to stop these Criminals! ALWAYS lock your car! ALWAYS!

Rockford Criminals use stolen cars to commit other crimes. Innocent people have been KILLED by Rockford Criminals in stolen cars! DON’T BE part of the problem! Lock your car ALWAYS! NEVER leave it running unattended.

Am I blaming or shaming victims? No! I’m just trying to STOP these Criminals crimes, and all the costs and violence they cause. Rockford has many HUNDREDS of opportunistic Criminals who think NOTHING of grabbing an EASY car, and there are many Criminals who come here from out of town too for the easy pickings. Is that the way the world SHOULD be? No, but that is the world THE WAY IT IS, and we law-abiding citizens can EASILY STOP the Criminals by simply locking our vehicles!

One victim said “Help get the real criminals off the streets.” I agree with her that I want these Criminals OUT of Rockford. However, realistically, that will never happen! We don’t have the political will or courage or leadership to drive out these Criminals for good. We all should face up to the fact that the Rockford Criminals  menace is permanent, and that we have to ACT FOR OURSELVES to defend against it. And in the case of protecting our vehicles, it is SO EASY to do!

All Rockford Scanner fans should know those facts!

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Author: Rickie Traeger at


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Car has been found. FBI Has it now, until investigation is done.

The suspect stole the vehicle they used in the bank robbery.

Details on that and also a clearer photo of the suspect at

Shortly before 12:30 pm, Rockford Police responded to a hold up alarm at Northwest Bank (3106 N. Rockton). Upon arrival, learned it was a valid robbery. 2 suspects entered the bank and robbed it. No one was hurt. RPD detectives and FBI agents are investigating

Sources are reporting around 12:20 pm today, a bank was robbed in Rockford.

Details are minimal due to the encryption.

A Northwest Bank at 3106 N Rockton ave  was robbed

2 Black Males wearing hoodies.

Kim Knight said “they are around 18-20 years old, one with red hair”

No official suspect information due to the encryption

We will post updates as they become available

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Author: Rickie Traeger at

Rockford Scanner®: RS fan Has Their Vehicle Stolen From A Local Gas Station

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UPDATE: The suspect used the vehicle in a bank robbery. Car has been found. FBI Has it now until investigation is done.

RS fan Ana Olvera said:

“So Tonight We Went To Get Snacks So We Could Watch A Movie With My Daughter. While In The Store This Guy And His Other Friend Decide To Break In And Take The Car. Help Us Get My Daughters Uncles Car Back.
At The Mobile On N.Main And Reynolds St.
Help Get The Real Criminals Like This Out The Streets.”

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Author: Rickie Traeger at

Rockford Scanner™: Gas Theft Under $500 and Driving While License Revoked

Rockford Scanner




Gas Theft Under $500 and Driving While License Revoked


On 11-1-18 at 1341 hours Deputies along with members of the Rochelle Police Dept. responded to the Hillcrest Casey’s General Store for a report of a gas drive off.
After a short investigation Deputies located and arrested Donald Halicek 41 of Harrison MI for Theft under 300 dollars and driving while license revoked.
Halicek also received citations for improper display of registration and no valid registration.  Halicek’s passenger Kevin Egbert-Gray 26 of Harrison MI was arrested on charges of Theft under 300 and unlawful possession of weapons as a felon.
Both men were transported to the Ogle County Jail and held in lieu of bond.



Rockford Scanner™: More Counterfeit Money Used In The Area

Rockford Scanner

The Rochelle Police Department is investigating 4 counterfeit $100 bills that were passed at area businesses on or about 102618. The serial numbers on all the bills is the same: G21681745A.

It appears the suspects made small purchases, in order to maximize the amount of change they would receive.

Video from two businesses show that the two suspects, both male blacks (seen in attached photos) were traveling together in a Silver Chevrolet Suburban.

The Rochelle Police cautions business owners who are taking large bills, especially for small purchases, to take extra care to make sure the bills are not counterfeit. If you locate a counterfeit bill call the Rochelle Police immediately. If the suspect attempts to leave do not try to detain him / her, simply get the best description you can of him / her, and their vehicle, if possible.

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call the Ogle-Lee Crime Stoppers at 1-888-228-4488.

Rewards of up to $1000.00 are paid for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the offenders.


Rockford Scanner™: Fan Has Their Car Stolen In Rockford

Rockford Scanner

Derek Janik:

“Last night,  about 1035, my car was stolen in front of my house. 22nd st and 12th Ave area. 2001 white Subaru legacy, 4 door. Plate number is 881715. Please see attached photo. I do not have a photo of my car but this one is very close. Please post on Rockford Scanner. Thank u so much for your help!”

Derek Janik


Rockford Scanner™: Local Police Asking For Your Help Locating A Burglary Suspect

Rockford Scanner




SBPD: The South Beloit Police Department is investigating a garage burglary in the 800 block of Roscoe Avenue where the tires and rims shown in this picture were stolen on the evening of October 30th. If you know of someone who recently obtained four rims and tires such as these please contact us or Crime Stoppers


Rockford Scanner™: Local Pizza Delivery Vehicle Stolen, Possible Carjacking

Rockford Scanner




Crime: Sources reporting a stolen vehicle, possible carjacking in Rockford 

Description: A Maroon Pontiac Grand Am with a plate similar to AS72595 and a Pizza Hut sign on its roof 

Location: 4311 Forest View (Charles/Forest View area) at 9:44 PM

No other information, due to the encryption 


Rockford Scanner™: Man Steals 2 Computers From Walmart, Police Need Your Help Locating The Suspect

Rockford Scanner

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, around 3 a.m., an unknown male entered the Walmart on Milwaukee Road and left the store without paying for two computers. The male walked back to where the computers were held and selected two HP All-In-One computers and placed them in his cart. The male walked around the store for a short amount of time before he took off running with the cart out of the main entrance.

The man in question appears to be a white male, thin build, in his 20s or 30s with a beard. He was wearing a dark hoodie, a baseball cap and blue jeans. After leaving the store the suspect got into a white or grey older model vehicle that looked similar to a Buick Park Avenue. The license plate was not able to be recovered from the vehicle.

If anyone has information relating to this incident, you can contact 608-757-2244 reference BE1841250


Rockford Scanner™: Police Seeking Public Assistance in locating a suspect in a Fraud Investigation

Rockford Scanner

JPD Seeking Public Assistance in locating a suspect in a Fraud Investigation

The Janesville Police Department is seeking public assistance in locating Ronald E Spaulding (27 years old). Spaulding is the suspect in a check fraud/forgery investigation that occurred at Marling Lumber in Janesville, WI. Should anyone have information on the whereabouts of Ronald Spaulding the Janesville Police Department asks you to call (608)755-3100

Pursuant to the directive of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3:6 Trial Publicity, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.




Rockford Scanner™: Burglary Suspect Arrested, Burglary 2 counts, Theft 2 counts, Fraudulent use of a credit card 5 counts

Rockford Scanner

Update: On 10-9-18 at 11:57 PM Beloit Police had contact with a subject matching the description in the photos released earlier and contacted the Janesville Police Department. The subject was identified as Jeffrey M. Taylor age 37 of Evansville. During the follow up investigation Taylor admitted to numerous crimes including the two in Janesville. Taylor was arrested and is currently at the Rock Co. Jail waiting an initial appearance in court.

Charges: 943.10(1)(a) – Burglary 2 counts
943.20(1)(a) – Theft 2 counts
943.41(5)(a) – Fraudulent use of a credit card 5 counts

Pursuant to the directive of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3:6 Trial Publicity, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Original Message: The Janesville Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a person of interest in two reported burglaries on Janesville’s east side. In both cases the burglaries occurred during the night while the homeowners were asleep and entry to the homes was through unlocked doors. Wallets and purses were stolen. Shortly after the burglaries, stolen credit cards were used at Walmart. Even though these two incidents are three days apart, the suspect is wearing the same clothing. Residents are urged to lock all doors at night, keep exterior lights on, and call if they recognize this individual.

Anyone having information about this crime or any other crime is encouraged to contact:
-Janesville Police Department at 755-3100



Rockford Scanner™: Man Arrested For Felony Disorderly Conduct, After Falsely Reporting His Vehicle Stolen

Rockford Scanner


Felony Disorderly Conduct

On 09/21/2018 at approximately 3:16 PM, Ogle County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a stolen vehicle complaint at 4449 W. IL Rte 64.

After investigation, Deputies learned the vehicle was in fact not stolen and the report was false. Deputies then placed Hortencia Jaimes-Carbajal, age 43 of Mt. Morris under arrest for Disorderly Conduct (class 4 felony).

Jaimes-Carbajal was transported to the Ogle County Jail where she was held pending a court appearance in front of a judge.


Rockford Scanner™: Stolen Vehicle Near Roscoe, Suspect Armed With Gun

Rockford Scanner




Sighting of a stolen vehicle near Roscoe.

Police spotted a stolen Blue Camry at the Fasmart on N Second st in Roscoe.

Suspect armed with a gun.

Last seen on Swanson rd

Note: Unconfirmed, but it was stolen from the North Town Mall area.

The video above, was taken from a sources security camera system as the vehicle fled

Neighbor had her kids in the front yard when the car drove through the yard almost hitting them


Rockford Scanner™: Sighting Of A Stolen Van, Driver Armed With Gun. Police Don’t Chase

Rockford Scanner

Sighting of a stolen vehicle in Rockford.

Police did not chase the vehicle.

The vehicle was reported stolen. Police saw the vehicle at the Mcdonalds in the 40 block of S Perryville around 3:40 pm

White 2000 express van with blue spray paint on it, plate number of 1768197

Driver is armed with a gun.


Rockford Scanner™: Violent Crime Call Recap, Another Violent Last Few Days In Rockford & Winnebago County

Rockford Scanner

Editors Note: We are now including the medical assists and information for police calls. Local police have been coding violent crimes, under these codes. Example: Rockford’s last few murders have been coded medical assists.


Rockford Scanner™: Security Camera Footage Of An Alleged Thief On the East Side

Rockford Scanner


We were sent the following security camera footage.

Send us your security camera footage, we will post it for you.
We will keep you anonymous, if you like!

Sources have reported numerous vehicles were burglarized in the area overnight.


This is security footage from my house at 2:28am this morning. This kid was hoping to be able to steal from me and my family. We leave our front lights on every night and last night happened to be the one night we forgot. Luckily, my cameras don’t care if the lights are on or off.

We live in a nice neighborhood off Mulford and Harrison but unfortunately crime is everywhere in Rockford.

A neighbor’s daughter a few houses down was the victim of a strong arm robbery in her own garage just over a month ago.

You can see most clearly from the video versus the screenshots but we’d appreciate this being spread across Facebook for Rockford residents to see and if anyone can identify him to please let us know.

Since he’s on a bike, I would guess he can’t live far from the Mulford/Harrison area and perhaps even in our neighborhood in case anyone local has seen him riding around. As he is pulling out of the driveway, it looks like he is waving so I’m guessing there was at least one other person with him.

It’s a shame to have to post this, but if it prevents a future break in or makes this delinquent rethink his future actions, then I’m happy to. Thanks in advance for any help!”

Rockford Scanner™: Graveyard Thief Caught On Camera At A Local Cemetery

Rockford Scanner


A source contacted us in regards to someone stealing items from their family members gravesite in a local cemetery.

It is happening at the Calvary Cemetery.

The victim passed away a day before his birthday on 12/16/2016.  The family frequently put items on the grave site of their loved one when they visited him.

Then in March 2017 they began to notice the items they were placing on the grave was coming up missing.

They talked to the staff at the cemetery and asked them if they were taking the items or knew what was happening.  That is when they realized there was a thief on the loose in the cemetery.

Security cameras placed in the cemetery was able to capture the alleged suspect stealing items from their loved ones grave site.

The local police were contacted and are investigating.

They need your help identifying this alleged grave yard thief!


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Has Their Van Stolen, More Info In The Article

Rockford Scanner




Sources are reporting a Rockford Scanner fan has had their vehicle stolen in Rockford.  It happened in the area of N Court and Auburn.

It is described as a red dodge caravan with a betty boop sticker in the window.

If you see this van, call the RPD