Rockford Scanner™: Family Pet Missing in Rockford


RS source Veronica is missing her dog, Please take a second and share this and let’s help bring Nala home! 

“Her name is Nala! She was last seen on Colorado ave. Rolling green area. She is a 14 years old chihuahua! She has white paws and is tan! She’s not a outside dog at all, I know she’s very scared. She’s also very shy. People are reporting only seeing her late at night. We miss her so much!!! Please anyone that has her or has seen her, Please call Veronica at 7793482259 I would appreciate so much!”


Rockford Scanner™: Mountain Lion Sighting In The Area


Sources are reporting a possible cougar (Mountain Lion) sighting in the area. 

We have gotten several reports saying 97 ZOK posted about a cougar that was spotted near Beaver Valley and Squaw Prairie.

They had a photo on their site, but it has since been removed.

You can read about it at 

Side note:  There have been unconfirmed of reports of a mountain lion at Rock Cut for awhile now.  The most recent was about 2 weeks ago on the East side of the park. A man was walking along a trail on the East side of the park and he came across it. The man said the mountain lion came out of the brush and onto the trail he was on.  He said that it posed no harm to him. The man and the mountain lion were both startled and the mountain lion took off in one direction while he fled in the other direction.



Rockford Scanner™: Bird Attacks A Child in Rockford


Around 9:45 pm tonight emergency personnel were on scene of a bird attack in Rockford. 

A child was attacked by a hawk near Jackson st in Rockford. The child was approx. 8 years old. Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

It is unclear if the hawk was a wild hawk or possibly a pet hawk.



Rockford Scanner™: Found Dog in Machesney park


I found this small white or tan dog on Ashdown Drive and Elm Avenue in Machesney Park. He is looking for his mommy. Is there any way you can post this on your website as I know many people use it often.

My name is Lori Shoemaker


Rockford Scanner™: Police Shoot A Dog During A Raid in Rockford


Sources are reporting the local police shot and killed a dog, during a raid. It happened Thursday in the 1200 block of Ashland. 

At least one dog was shot, unconfirmed reports are saying 2 dogs. Unconfirmed reports said the dog has died. They were reported to be in a confined area, when the police shot the dog. 

The source said as soon as the police opened the door to the vehicle to conduct the raid, they shot the dog(s) immediately after opening the door to the vehicle. And were not yet even on the property, when the shots were fired. 

Unknown why the police conducted the raid.
(Possibly drugs, but not confirmed) 

One person was in handcuffs.

Source who sent us the video, provided some info in the video. Watch it below. 

  Local police have yet to release any information.
(Had to bold this, because some people don’t read. The information that is posted above, is provided by a source. We can only run the info. that IS provided to us. Police have yet to release information, if they do, we will update this) 

Video by RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Found This Beauty, Do You Know The Owner?


Heather Giamalva sent us the following: 
We found this cutie on skyline drive in Rockford No collar but walked right up to us but is scared. Contact If no contact soon we will have to contact animal service.


Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Fire Department Rescue A Cat

 Ladder 2 and Engine 11 rescued Angie, the cat, who became trapped behind a wall at 3000 7th Street.

Crews worked with the owners to remove siding and cut concrete to remove this very scared and hungry cat!‬


Rockford Scanner™: Fan Found 2 Dogs On The East Side

Caly Jiles said:

“Hi I found these two dogs actually they found me on 28th St. and 12th Ave. right behind east high school one of them has a tag but it’s not activated and they keep following me if you could please post their picture so I can try to find their owner thank you very much”


Rockford Scanner™: Lost Service Dog, Have You Seen Him?


Chris sent us the following: “My aunt penny’s service dog nico, wandered off around 11PM Friday night, he is just over a year old, Siberian husky. Has a chain collar . Missing from stillman valley area. (wildwood rd ) in or around the Crest view area. I have attached a picture of nico..please if you see him call Chris, my number is 7792080784.. nico is very friendly and will not bite, please if you see him let me know asap.”