Rockford Scanner™: This beautiful dog was stolen in Rockford today.

Sources are reporting this beautiful dog was stolen in Rockford today.

It happened near Ridgeland in Rockford this afternoon.

Alleged suspect fled in a White Explorer

If found, please contact

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Rockford Scanner™: 2 Lost Pets, 1 Found Pet

Found near near Searls Park. In holding at Winnebago co animal control.

Lost near S Main, if found contact



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Rockford Scanner™: Let’s Find Chico A New Home, Without Other Dogs

RS Fan: Male dog he’s name is Chico I need new home cause I can’t get along with small dogs he a loveable dog he needs a home with no other dogs.

If you want him I’ll tell you about how to he plays with you contact me by phone at 815 494-1602


Rockford Scanner™: Missing Cat in Machesney Park

RS Source Samantha Burns sent us the following in regards to her cat missing in the Machesney Park area.

“Please help me find her she got out this morning and hasn’t came back she is only 6 pounds all black with yellow eyes and has a scar on her belly from just being fixed last seen on Minns drive in Machesney park she is very small please help me bring her home please .”

If found:


Rockford Scanner™: Cat Found In Rockford, is It Yours?

Found on Marshall and Harrison


Rockford Scanner™: Victim seriously injured after a loose dog that bit the victim

Sources are reporting a serious dog bite in Rockford.

It happened just before 2 PM today near Longwood.

A person was bitten by a loose dog in the area of Longwood  in Rockford.

The injuries were reported to be serious. It is not yet known if they are life-threatening. The dog was still loose in the area. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital.


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Found A Beautiful Pitbull, Is It Yours?

Li Kym found a pit-bull near Central ave.

If you are missing this beautiful dog, please contact her at  –


Rockford Scanner™: Turkey Terrorism Part 2: At Rockford Memorial Hospital

Credit: Betty Webster Lopez
Credit: Betty Webster Lopez

Sources have sent us more turkey terrorism information and photos.

As you may recall, we did a brief story on the turkey terrorism in Loves Park. You can find that info at CLICK HERE

Several sources at the hospital told us earlier today some wild turkeys were terrorizing the parked vehicles in the parking lot of Rockford Memorial Hospital on Rockton ave. (Mercy Health)

As you know, turkeys are pretty much harmless. But they have been pretty bold in the last few months. Chasing vehicles, and as you can see chilling on top of them too.

We have not heard anyone being injured by turkeys. Only citizens being terrorized by them.   The one near Forest Hills rd (Tom The Turkey) chases moving vehicles.

The ones at Rockford Memorial Hospital appear to only stake claim to parked vehicles. Which it appears they have good tastes in jeeps too.

On a more serious note, if you do see some turkeys.
Please do not hurt them. They are pretty much harmless.

Share your photos/videos/ and turkey experiences with us at

Video by Morgan Lynn. By the Cherry Valley feed store

Credit: Betty Webster Lopez
Credit: Betty Webster Lopez

Photos by Rockford Scanner Source Betty

Below are some turkey jokes

  • Q: Why did the police arrest the turkey? A: They suspected it of fowl play
  • Q: Why do turkeys always go, “gobble, gobble”? A: Because they never learned good table manners!
  • Q: What sound does a space turkey make? A: Hubble, Hubble, Hubble!
  • Q: What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an evil spirit? A: A poultrygeist!
  • Q: What’s more amazing than a talking turkey? A: A spelling bee!
  • Q: What do turkeys like to do on sunny days?  A: Have peck-nics!
  • Q: Which type of key won’t open any door?  A: A turkey!