CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Suspect Steals A Donation Box From A Local Business


Sources sent us this video of a suspect that allegedly stole a donation box from a business on S Main in Rockford. 

The donation box was for someone who is sick.

This suspect walked off with the box and all the donations for the sick person in it.  If you recognize this suspect, call the RPD or you can contact us and we will relay your tip to the police anonymously for you.


Rockford Scanner™: Tractor Falls Into A Hole In Rockford

Source sent us a video of a tractor that had fallen into a hole.

It happened today on Bradley rd, near the Highcrest/Alpine area.

Sources said the road started breaking from the water-pipes this morning and the had water got shut off.  They came to fix the problem, and were there for a few hours, when all of a sudden the tractor fell into the hole.

It is not yet known if it was operator error or mother nature, that caused the tractor to go into the hole. No reports of injuries.

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Rockford Scanner™: Criminal Damage Incident Caught On Video

Sources are reporting a criminal damage incident in Rockford.

There are 2 different videos, above and below.

It happened in the area of Broadway and 12th

If you recognize this man, call the RPD


Rockford Scanner™: Several Scenes In The Area

Sources are reporting several scenes in the area today.

  • Accident near Forest Hills and 173
  • Accident near Charles and 20th  (Video) Vehicle crashed into a few vehicles, injuries were being reported.
  • Accident ear Loomis and Winnebago
  • Battery victim at the Burger King on Auburn
  • Man beaten with a baseball bat near N Second and Roosevelt (Happened at a different location, and went here to seek medical attention)
  • Accident with injuries near Ridge and Whitman
  • Vehicle on fire near Harrison and Wellworth
    (possible mis-spelling of the name)
  • Alpine and Linden ~ Police had a vehicle pulled over at gunpoint. (Video) A source sent us the video below.
  • Auburn and Central ~ Several officer have a vehicle pulled over.
  • Grass fire near Lakewood Drive

Videos by RS sources


Rockford Scanner™: Several Fires in Rockford Overnight, Possible Serial Arsonist

Sources told us there were 3 different fires all that happened within a short period of time of each other on the East side overnight last night.

All 3 incidents are believed to be arson, and are under investigation.

Sources said they think the fires are possibly related.  And that there is possibly a serial arsonist once again on the loose in the Rockford area.

Officials have yet to confirm this.

  1. Vehicle on fire in the alley near Kishwaukee and 20th (Video on top)
  2. Trailer on fire on Bildahl (Photo below)
  3. Vehicle on fire in the alley near 7th st


Rockford Scanner™: Fireworks Accident During An Event At A Local School


Madison who is a senior at Hononegah sent us the following video from last night’s fireworks mishap at the Hononegah High School Purple & Gold Fest 2019 at the Hononegah High School.   

As you can see there was a fireworks mishap, unknown on injuries. Watch the video below. 

The firework show was from 9:45-10 pm according to their website


Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run In Rockford/Loves Park


This is just one of many reasons why people should invest into getting a dash camera for their vehicles!

Around 11:30 am this morning a black vehicle was traveling eastbound on E Riverside when it ran the red light, just West of Mulford.

A SUV was headed northbound at the intersection and gotten the green light. They were turning westbound onto E Riverside.

The two vehicles collided.

The driver of the SUV then fled the scene westbound on E Riverside. The driver of the black vehicle pulled off into the parking lot.

It appeared no injuries.

Unknown why the driver of the black vehicle ran the red light.



Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Weird Object Skies In The Sky In Machesney Park

Source Brandon Guerra sent us this video.

It happened last night near Target on West ln in Machesney Park.

He filmed an object in the sky, unknown what it was.

He said there was no noise  and when he drove towards it and it went dark and vanished.  When we asked him what he thought it may have been or if it was a drone. He responded and said he did not think it was a drone and had no idea what it was.

Watch the video until the end.

Did you see this object also?
Do you know what it was?

If so, contact us at



Rockford Scanner™: Burglars Were Caught On Camera in Rockford, Recognize Them?


Source sent us the following video that captured a couple of suspects burglarizing some vehicles near the area of Westin subdivision.

That is near Bell school and Guilford area. 

It happened last night.

If you recognize these suspects, call the police. 


Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Police Working A Scene, Possible Raid


Several sources are reporting a scene that involves numerous police from several agencies. It happened this afternoon near Mulberry ad Forest.

Several officers are on scene.  We have been told it was a possible raid.  We have been told it was for an alleged murder suspect. But again, police have yet to confirm anything.

Several officers with their guns drawn, is all we can confirm.

Police rarely ever releases information since encrypting, so do not expect any updates. If the police release info on this, we will post the update.

Video below by T.H. Viewer discretion advised (Language)