Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video, Burglary In Rockford. Recognize The Suspect?

Sources are reporting more burglaries. 

A RS Source had their window broken out during a burglary on Camlin ave around 2:30 am on Wednesday night.

The source sent us a video of the incident that has the alleged suspect breaking into the vehicle. You can see a suspect wearing a winter jacket and a backpack.

If you recognize the outfit, backpack, or person.

Call the RPD with the information.
Or you can contact RS and we can relay the information to them for you.

According to the RPD call logs there have been almost 20 burglaries/theft from vehicles in Rockford in the last 72 hours.


Rockford Scanner™: Fire near a Rockford business


Sources are reporting a fire at a Rockford business.

It happened earlier today at Golden Corral in Rockford.

The bushes outside near the parking lot caught on fire.  It is not yet known what the cause of the fire is.  No reports of injuries.  No other information at this time.  Rockford fire department is investigating.



Rockford Scanner™: Caught on video: More ATVs driving recklessly on the streets in Rockford


Video by Rockford scanner source

Sources have sent us another video of ATVs driving recklessly in the Rockford area.

This happened in the area of Kishwaukee and 15th, Earlier today.

Rockford Police Department said this is not a local issue, but a national issue.

If you have any videos of ATVs driving recklessly in the Rockford area.  Please send them to us.  We can keep you anonymous.

This has been a ongoing issue in the Rockford area for quite some time now.

Several accidents have been caused from ATVs driving recklessly, According to the Rockford Police Department.

Only one confirmed accident involving an off-road vehicle, Information on that at

Rockford police explained that it is illegal to ride an off-road vehicle on the roadway


Rockford Scanner™: Do NOT Use Your Debit/Credit Cards At Local Stores, Alleged Thefts Going On

We have had several people reporting some local businesses have been stealing peoples debit/credit cards and using them illegally to purchase items. We can not confirm this, but several people have contacted us and said they have been victims. To put a long story short: If you have to hand over your card, then do NOT use it. Pay cash. If you are a victim, then call police right away. Below is from one alleged victim, there have been numerous reports of it not only happening at the local Mcdonalds, but several other area businesses as well.

Cristal Mari Franco posted these videos. Her theft allegedly happened at the Mcdonalds on Northridge: You can see a bunch of her videos and posts about the topic at


Rockford Scanner™: CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Truck Rams Rockford Business

From the RPD:
TRUCK RAMS BUSINESS: If you see this truck (with front-end damage) call us!

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, shortly before 5:00 a.m., Rockford Police Patrol Officers responded to J & F Tobacco (2410 South Alpine Road) in reference to a business alarm. Upon arrival, officers observed extensive damage to the front door of the business. Officers learned a red pick-up truck rammed the front entrance twice without gaining entry to the business. The truck then fled the scene. Nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Rockford Police at 815-966-2900 or leave an anonymous tip with Rockford Area Crime Stoppers at 815-963-7867.


Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Camera: Rockford Police Rescue A Deer


Sources are reporting the Rockford Police have rescued a deer. It happened Tuesday night at 2311 23rd Ave. 

A source was driving by and noticed the deer in distress and was stuck.
They called the local police and they came out to the scene and were able to successfully rescue the deer.

The deer was not injured and walked away from the scene.

Video by Kat


Rockford Scanner™: Police Go After Vehicle Who Runs School Bus Arm Violations

Mattanah Judah Israel sent us the following video.

It happened earlier today near North Court and Grace

A school bus was letting a disabled child off of the school bus, when a vehicle went past the school bus. The police officer was nearby and went after the suspect. We been told they were ticketed, but not yet confirmed.

As you know, it is ILLEGAL to pass a school bus when the bus is getting students on or off the bus.

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Rockford Scanner™: RS FAN SUBMISSION: Dash Camera Video, Roscoe IL

Editors Note:  We highly recommend investing into a dash camera!  Dash cameras always show exactly what happens in an incident. Many people lie and deny stuff when they are involved in an incident, but then a camera shows exactly what happens.  Always 3 sides to a story: Theirs, Yours, And  A Camera!  A camera never lies 😉


Jennifer Ames said:

“Cammer turning left onto Elevator rd in Roscoe You’ll see car in front of cammer, will have the right of way to turn once cross traffic clears.
The silver SUV across the street will turn left after
Cammer is next to turn left after the silver SUV makes their left hand turn.
Behind that silver SUV is a white SUV ( the guy who doesn’t understand the rules of the road ) It was the cammers turn to go into traffic and the white SUV piggy backed a turn, leaving cammers car out into cross traffic.”

Credit Jennifer Ames
Roscoe Illinois


Rockford Scanner™: Caught On Video: Kids Throwing Rocks At Moving Cars in Rockford

Kićo Botić sent us this video he took Thursday of 2 people throwing rocks at moving vehicles as they crossed the Jefferson st Bridge in Rockford.


He posted this on his social media: ” #ROCKFORD, if you know someone whose windshield was cracked driving over the Jefferson St bridge… this might help them. These 2 were throwing rocks from under the bridge and you can see them stop as 2 skaters walk by and then get back to it. WHOSE KIDS ARE THESE ?!?!?! SMFH  ”