Rickie’s Corner

Welcome to Rickie’s Corner.  On this page I will keep you updated with changes and stuff going on behind the scenes with Rockford Scanner. 

My personal website at http://RickieTraeger.com

I want to hear from Apple users!   How does our website load on Apple products?  Slow?  Does it load faster?  What does it look like? Etc…

I been hearing mixed reviews on Apple products and our website. If Apple users are having a hard time with our website, I plan on going back to our older theme. That way everyone an all platforms are able to view our website. 

Next up is contests!  I been wanting to do at least a few contests each month. If you want to promote your business or product, this would be a good way to do it! 

I been filing a lot of FOIA requests. Rockford is finally starting to approve them. I have created a page on our website for FOIA stuff released. So be sure to check it out!