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Welcome to Rickie’s Corner.

On this page I will keep you updated with changes and stuff going on behind the scenes with Rockford Scanner. 

My personal website at http://RickieTraeger.com


UPDATE 2/17/2019

Hi,  it has been awhile since I last updated this.  I hope everyone is staying safe and staying warm!  The last few weeks have been brutal with the temps. One positive thing, it won’t be long before Spring is here! 

I have been filing a lot of FOIA requests recently. The Rockford Police said in order for me to get information on anything these days, i have to file a FOIA.  So instead of saying “Yes, there is this type of call and this is who we are looking for” (and not provide in depth info on the call) they said we now have to file FOIA requests.  So in return most the stuff is “open investigations” and are denied.    I am hoping to get a lot of these up on the site soon.  Some have been approved and I have them in hand now. So shouldn’t be too much longer before I have them up on the website. 

I want to shout out to everyone who has sent in their tips, photos, videos!  You are amazing!  It is good to see the community sending in content, to help keep the rest of the community informed!  As they say “It is not a me thing, it IS a WE thing!” You guys and gals are amazing! I can not say THANK YOU enough!  

Heads up, we are looking for a few more advertisers on the website!  If you want to advertise your event, business, page, website, etc…  Let us know.  There are perks for long term advertising on Rockford Scanner™  😉   As you know Rockford Scanner™ is hugely popular, and your ad will be seen by many!  Email us at RockfordScanner@Gmail.com 

Many of you are asking about me personally. Wanting to get to know me. I have a personal website at http://RickieTraeger.com   I post a lot of my personal content there.   All though I am tossing around the idea of posting more personal stuff on this site this year.  I plan on doing more videos and photos of not only scenes, but life in general. I have yet to decide if I should or shouldn’t. Give me feedback and let me know! 

Our android app, does not do a scanner feed anymore. So, we do apologize. But you can listen to our scanner feed on Broadcastify! 

Listen at   http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/25473