Winnebago County Officer Arrested For Severely Beating His Foster Child, Gets Out On I-Bond

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Sources are reporting a former Winnebago County officer  has been arrested for severely beating his foster child in Candlewick. 

We have reached out to the Winnebago County Sheriff office and the Boone County Sheriff office. Boone County did confirm they had an alleged domestic incident with the alleged suspect. But could not provide information because it is an open domestic related case.

What sources told us:

Former Winnebago County Officer Leonard Spates was arrested at his home in Candlewick in the 200 block of Briar Cliff SW, on Domestic Battery charges.

We have been told that he had severely beaten his foster child. The foster child managed to escape out of the house to a neighbor’s house and begged for the police to be called, stating that he needed help and was afraid that he would kill him or his brother.

When police came to investigate they slammed the door on the police.

At least 6 officers were reported to be at the scene.

We can confirm via public records that Deputy Daniel Reilley arrested Leonard Spates and charged him with Domestic Battery.

We have been told he was released on his own recognizance by Judge Tobin.  And public records confirms this.

He has a pre-trial set for February 18th  at 9 am in courtroom 2 at the Boone County courthouse.

According to public records he has several traffic offences and he was arrested back in 2016 for a DUI.

We have been told that he was a police officer and was possibly fired a few years back (Possibly for the DUI arrest, but not confirmed). And he is reported to now be a corrections officer at the Winnebago County Jail. But Winnebago County Sheriff will not release any information on this, so we can not confirm nor deny he is still an officer for the Winnebago County Sheriff Office. But we do know at one point recently he was an officer for the Winnebago County Sheriff Office. From 2007 -2016 that we can confirm via public records. Records show he began at the sheriffs office approx. 5/7/2007

We found  in public records he is now a corrections officer SR at the Winnebago County Jail in 2019   Unknown if he still works there, officials are pretty quiet about this incident and won’t confirm anything or release any information.

UPDATE: He is no longer a corrections officer, He has not worked for the sheriff’s office since January 2019. (Credit: WREX)

We were told during the same incident Tiffany BARRACKS-SPATES was also arrested.  Officials have not confirmed it, but public records do show her being arrested by Deputy Shockey and also  Deputy Daniel Reilley. She was arrested for resisting arrest x 2, and also domestic battery. She posted bond (Leonard Spates bonded her out of jail) and is scheduled for court 3/10/20 at 1:30 PM in courtroom 2

According to public records she has no criminal charges in Boone other than what she was arrested for in this incident. She does have several traffic offenses.

More info from our friends at WREX at

WREX: Court documents obtained by 13 WREX say Leonard Spates hit a family member, who is a minor, several times in the legs with an extension cord. Documents say it happened twice, around January 24, 2020 and February 11, 2020.


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