Trucks Flipped Over, Power Lines Down, As The Storms Roll Through Winnebago County




NWS issued a tornado watch until 8 pm. 

The worst of the storms has just rolled through and is now exiting our area. 

The rotation at the time of writing this is to our North and East. 

As the storm rolled through Winnebago County we have gotten numerous reports of damage.

Also some vehicles have rolled over and large trees are down and some power outages.  

We have gotten reports of a lot of structure damages as well.
Mostly roofs and siding damages. 

2 trucks have rolled over on 20. 

We have no confirmed reports of any tornadoes.   Just a lot of wind damage.  

Many were reporting the “roar” of a tornado and large hail.  

The largest hail report is approx.   “.50”   in diameter. 

Numerous reports of trees and power lines down. 

As of 4:15 approx. 15,000 customers were without power in Winnebago County. 

Below are some photos and video from the storm. 

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