The victim reached out to us and asked if we could post her victims statement. 

The victim reached out to us and asked if we could post her victims statement.
In regards to Cherry Valley Police Officer Jason Personette

He was just sentenced to 12 years for having sex with the victim at the police station, in his squad car and in some motels.  He still is not yet in custody, according to public records.

Dear judge, my perpetrator, and anyone else that may hear and/or read this ,
You know the facts and the previous actions I have made, but what you do not know is how this has affected me emotionally and in some ways even physically, so let me enlighten you.

Let me start by saying, yes I know I made a statement with WIFR news saying that this was consensual. I realize I said he was a good person and was one of the reasons I fell in love with this job and you know what? I meant it when I said he was a big reason I fell in love with this job because if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t know nearly as much as I do about police work and wouldn’t have gotten to experience some of the things I did.

Jason Personette was someone I thought I knew. A father of 5 boys, a man that experienced struggles throughout his life, and a friend I could come to for advice and for someone to vent to. When I say we connected I did not mean that in a physical way , I meant in a way I could relate to some of the things he had told me he had been through. Little did I know after these conversations about life, it would turn into me getting snapchats that stated how “sexy” I was. That I would have hands put on my thigh on my next ride along. That I would constantly have eyes on my body every time I went to learn about something I loved and was so good at. That I would be taken to hotels and manipulated into having sex with a police officer. That every single struggle I had opened up about, never did I once think it would be used against me. That I would be falsely made into thinking someone cared that much just to get me to give every piece of myself up.

Police officer. Those words. That uniform. I can’t see it no matter what department without feeling sick and having a panic attack. The first time I seen a police officer since the incident came out was at my job and I had to run to the back and try to find my breath for nearly 40 minutes because I didn’t see the officer. I saw HIM again. I saw HIM touching me over and over and over again. What people don’t realize is that being a police officer, it’s gone. I can no longer do what I once loved with everything in me, my passion. Why? Because I am no longer able to see a police car without having flashbacks of every single touch. I am no longer able to even come across a scent without remembering myself underneath a 275 pound man that was supposed to be my protector. I can’t even play a harmless “shoot the gun at the star” game at the boone county fair with my family and my friends without someone having to rub my back in order for me to stop having a panic attack because all I see is him touching me AGAIN at the shooting range.

You know, what was supposed to be a fun learning experience. Police officers are supposed to be protectors and they once were my brothers and my sisters, whom I had so much respect and love for. Truthfully every time I see one I want to still see the good ones like Jesse Pearse who was a father figure in my life for 2 years, but I can’t because the bad, the touching, it happens all over again. Everything I had was ripped away from me the day HE looked at me as an object.

January 31 of 2018, the day after my birthday I was pulled into a police station and questioned about my relationship with HIM. Shocked and alone I told them everything and I answered honestly. February 2nd, realism set in and I was in excruciating pain. I cried and screamed for months, like I had a hole being punched through my chest every time I would inhale, I couldn’t eat without feeling nauseous, I couldn’t sleep without having nightmares. One nightmare specifically was about him coming to my house and blowing himself and I both up, while another was of him shooting me. I felt guilty, like everything that was happening was my fault and if he doesn’t get to live a good life then neither should I and that is the true reason I did an interview with WIFR. That is the reason I met with his defense attorney to try and get HIM out of this situation.

So come April 17 of 2018, after months of guilt and grief I finally decided to contact a therapist and receive treatment for what you may call PTSD. A few weeks after I sought treatment, I decided to attend court for the second time and as soon as I seen him I panicked, I couldn’t breathe because again he was laying on top of me and he was touching me. Do you know how that makes a person feel? It’s like even though you take 5 showers in a day you still feel dirty and like your body isn’t truly yours and there is nothing in the world that can take that feeling away. So as I am sitting in a room full of people, next to my victim advocate I am having flashbacks and have to be pulled out of the courtroom by my state attorney because I can no longer comprehend what is happening.
Not only has this situation been made public, but it is the reason I never got to finish out my senior year. I never got to go to prom and if it weren’t for my family, I wouldn’t have went to graduation either. You see everyone in Class of 2018 knew who that girl that was sexually assaulted by a police officer from Cherry Valley police department was because another girl from the explorer program who also went to the same school decided it would be a good idea to expose me. So while I was dealing with a mixture of painful emotions, I couldn’t go to school without hearing whispers about what happened. People I had never even spoken to knew who I was. I was no longer Cameron, I was the girl who got sexually assaulted by a cop.I finished school online and yet even months after graduation I would hide from classmates and be terrified to go out in fear of not only seeing HIM, but also being judged for what happened to me. A part of me is terrified of writing this and being looked at differently. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has left my life and looked at me like I am a completely different person.

I have this thing about having to be perfect at everything or you may simply call me a perfectionist. I strived for that in the police explorers program because I knew I could do great things in the law enforcement field. Sgt. Jesse Pearse saw that in me, as did all of the other officers that helped out with the program. I was the favorite as HE would say. I worked the hardest and I took it the most serious as Jesse would tell me. My relationship with all of the friends and mentors I had gained during my time with Cherry Valley police department disappeared the moment I made a statement about what happened to me. I ask myself constantly how this is fair when according to the detectives that questioned me on January 31st “I did nothing wrong”. So how is it that the people I needed more than anything got up and left because HE decided to destroy a once again 17 year old girl. I still grieve the loss of those people. Grief is a feeling that can still happen when a person isn’t physically gone. I didn’t know that until February of 2018. I experienced heartbreak in ways I will never be able to unfeel.

I am here not only speaking for myself, but also on behalf of those that HE has hurt in the past who were brave enough to reach out to me and share their stories. This was not a fling. This was not a 35 year old man that genuinely wanted to be in a relationship with a young girl. This was a police officer, someone that takes an oath under the law.Someone that assaulted, manipulated, and took advantage of someone while on duty. In my opinion this is NOT the kind of person that should be representing the blue line and it is definitely not someone who should be out on the streets protecting our communities.

I can’t change your mind if you choose to believe that I am a crazed little girl who fell in love. All I can say is that I am only human and when I did these interviews it was less than 2 weeks after all of this came out on the news so yes, I felt guilty as would anyone in my situation. I was hurting and the only way I could help myself was by helping him because one thing about me is that my fatal flaw is seeing the good in everyone. And even in every single flashback that makes me feel dirty and like my body isn’t mine I still try to find reason and answers to why HE would do this to me . The only thing I can do here is be honest and tell you what this all has done to me and to those I care about. I hope that the person reading this takes into consideration not just me, but other girls this could happen to if this man does not acknowledge his actions. I pray no one has to go through what I went through and still am, but unfortunately this is the world we live in. I may have expected this as a female to happen to me, but not by a police officer. Not by someone who knew better than to manipulate and take advantage of a 17 year old girl who was broken and knew this.

Now that everyone knows MY story, I have something I need to say to you. No matter what happens to you at the end of this case, you will get what you deserve and you will feel every ounce of pain that you made others feel. You will feel the pain you made your best friend feel when you helped his ex cheat on him, you will feel the anxiety you caused the girl that you stalked after her car accident, you will feel the pain you caused your ex wife and your kids, and you will feel the pain that you made me feel. I will never know why you decided to do what you did. I will never have the answers I will always ask myself, but there is something I want you to know.You may have used my history against me, you may have made me a victim, but you will never break me. You will never take my strength away from me because the truth is…. I am not a victim, I am a SURVIVOR.


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