Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Hits Parked Car, Shots Fired Incident

Around 3 am this morning a vehicle hit 2 parked vehicles in the 1000 block of N Horsman. No injuries were being reported.  The victim said she had just gotten her vehicle out of the shop recently.  She had it parked on the street when someone drove by and hit her parked vehicle.

While police were on scene with this accident. Shots were fired SW of that location. Those shots were fired in the area of Chestnut and Tay.  So the officers investigating the accident scene left there and went to the shooting incident. Unknown on injuries at the shooting incident scene.


Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run Rollover Accident With Entrapment

Sources are reporting a bad accident on the West side. It happened around 4 pm in the area of Preston and Tay.

There was a hit and run accident. A vehicle involved rolled over and the other vehicle fled the scene.

Injuries were being reported.  Reports of extrication being needed.

Unknown on the suspect description

Sources said the suspect vehicle is described as a White Dodge Van FP664?, Last seen Northbound.


Rockford Scanner™: High Speed Police Chase Ends In A Crash, Multiple Injuries Reported


Sources reporting a police chase, then the suspect vehicle crashed.

Just before 10:30 pm tonight, the police were chasing a vehicle. 

The vehicle crashed during the police chase. Possibly has rolled over onto its side.

It happened in the area of Green and Tay

Multiple injuries were being reported. At least 3 ambulances are on scene. 

Still developing.