Sources Reporting Strange Things In The Skies Of Rockford




In the last 24 hours we have gotten numerous reports of 2 different incidents in the skies of Rockford. 

The first one was near E State and Mulford.  Reports of a glowing object with a tail, that all of sudden just disappeared.  Sources said it was a bright object with what appeared to have a contrail. It was there one second, and gone the next…  

The second incident was in Rockford (several locations)   saying there was a bright glowing orb in the sky.  
You can see a quick video of it, in the video below that was sent to us.   
Several sources said it was not an airplane nor a helicopter nor a drone nor a Chinese lantern. 

They said the bright glowing orb stayed hovering, then like the first incident. Then it just disappeared. 

Officials have not released any information.  


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