Shout Out To Everyone Who Sends Us Tips, You Are Awesome!

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Shout Out To Everyone Who Sends Us Tips,
You Are Awesome!

We wanted to take a second and give a HUGE shout out to everyone who sends us tips! 


Sending us tips:

First and foremost:  We keep everyone ANONYMOUS, unless you tell us you want credited.
We never bite a hand that feeds us.   We feel anonymity is vital and we keep everyone anonymous.

Sending us tips:   If you see emergency personnel, contact us!

If you see emergency personnel: Traffic stops, Medical calls, Violent crimes, or just sitting around.
If you see emergency personnel, contact us! 

If you see any kind of scene, contact us!   There is no scene to big nor too small…

We appreciate each and every tip that you send.

In order for the community to be informed, it is up to the citizens now to help and report everything you see!

We can’t keep the community informed, if we don’t know about it.

So it is vital to just shoot us a quick message and tell us what you see, and where at!

Keep up the good work with SEE IT, SNAP IT, SEND IT!


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