Shooting Victim in Rockford, Possibly In Reference To Recent Thefts. More Thefts Being Reported…

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Sources are reporting a shooting victim in Rockford.

After we posted about citizens vowing to take up arms and become vigilantes to protect themselves and their neighborhoods in reference to being victims and extremely mad about the police not doing anything and the police encryption, you can read that here (CLICK HERE)

We received reports of more thefts and a shooting victim in regards to a theft. 

Sources are reporting to us last night somebody attempted to commit a theft and the victim shot the alleged suspect several times.
The exact location was not provided for safety reasons (per source), but it was on the  southeast side of Rockford.

The victim allegedly shot the alleged suspect three times. Twice in the butt area and once in the leg.

The victim did call police and police and medical were on scene. Sources said police were able to locate the alleged suspect in the theft.

Sources at a local hospital are confirming a shooting victim did arrive at a local hospital last night.

It is not yet known if the two incidents are related.

Reports are also saying that a catalytic converter was stolen in the Beacon Hill area last night. 

And that sources are reporting Vasquez muffler shop has had numerous people come in that had their catalytic converter stolen in Winnebago County. 

Again, police have not confirmed anything, or released any information on any of the numerous incidents that have been reported. 

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