Shooting Scene Just Outside The New Hotel in Downtown Rockford, At Least 1 Confirmed Shooting Victim, Possible Multiple Victims, Police Chase With A Police Squad Car That Was Hit………..


Shooting in downtown Rockford just outside the new Embassy Suites Hotel

First and foremost, the local police are encrypted and have not confirmed anything.
Scroll down, several photos being added, so scroll down past some photos to see more info. 

Sources are reporting several scenes that include possible multiple shooting victims, several shooting incident scenes and a police chase with a police squad car hit.

It is unknown if any of these scenes are related.

Shots rang out on the West side.  Police were chasing 2 vehicles. Police were able to stop one of the vehicles and chased the 2nd one. It is unknown if the suspects that were fleeing were a part of the shooting incident on the West side. We have been told the police chase was related to the shooting incident.

Possibly not related: A police squad was stuck during a police chase. We have been told 2 different locations. The first was near Meridian and 70. The other was downtown near S Main and Cedar near the new hotel in downtown Rockford.

Note: We did not work the scene at Meridian and Kilburn. So unknown if that was a valid scene/location.

We were able to work the scene at S Main and Cedar and can confirm numerous officers are on scene and several evidence markers were in the roadway.  A source that was at the dam said police were on S Main near the dam (same area) when the shots were fired. The source said approx 30 gunshots were fired.  We can confirm that amount  is approx. how many evidence markers were in the roadway on Cedar, in the intersection and on S Main. Just feet from the new hotel. As you can see in the photos with all the evidence markers.

While working the scene approx. 5 gunshots were fired just to the NW of that scene. It sounded like it came from the downtown area. So we went to investigate.  There was a female that was laying on the ground in the Criminal Justice Center parking lot, next to the vehicle.  It appeared that she was shot at least one time in the upper chest area. Possible multiple wounds. She had medical guaze on her upper chest area.  Rockford FD was on scene transporting the victim.

It is unclear if the shooting took place at the CJC, or nearby and she went there to seek medical help.  While police were working the scene at the CJC there was also another shooting incident near Andrews and Independence.  Several officers were on scene looking for shell casings and knocking on the nearby doors.

Shooting incident near Andrews and Independence in Rockford

We can confirm at least one person has been shot during all of these incidents.

We have been told there might be up to 5 shooting victims. Sources said several shooting victims arrived at the local E.R. to be treated. Unknown if by ambulance or self transport. Unknown on their condition.

We are getting reports of another shooting scene near the Schnucks on Charles st. No information on this scene other than several shots were fired and a black vehicle fled the area at a high rate of speed and that it went to the nearby ER and emergency personnel went out into the parking lot to get the victim and were treating the victim.

Again, police are encrypted and have not released any information on any of these scenes.

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