RS Source Tells Us Her Paranormal Experience Near Oregon, IL




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The following was sent to us from a fan.

She tells us about her local paranormal experience that happened to her near Oregon, IL.   

I am just going to copy and paste her email below: 

“Eight years ago I was living in Oregon Illinois way out in the boonies and I decided to go for an all day hike so I grabbed some bottled water and made some sandwiches and threw them in a backpack and I took off out the door on foot and after a few hours of hiking down a quiet country road I stopped next to a tree to eat a sandwich.

While I was eating my sandwich something slapped me on the back of the head and I looked and it was a tree branch but there wasn’t any wind and when I turned back around it slapped me on the back of the head again and I was like”This is weird I’m getting out of here”

 I stood up and glanced at the huge wheat field that was behind me and all the wheat started laying down but it was like something big was running threw it.   I was like “OMG that must be a animal or something” and then it turned and started coming right towards me really fast and when it got to me all the wheat and long grass laid down flat ,right in front of me but there wasn’t anything there”

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