Rockford Scanner™: Woman Shot While Driving in Rockford




Add another shooting victim to this list ~ CLICK HERE 

Update from RPD: A Rockford woman was the victim of a gunshot wound she received while driving her vehicle in the 2200 block of N Rockton Ave.

The victim is being treated at a local hospital for her non-life-threatening injury.

Note: The actual shooting may have happened on N Rockton, and the victim possibly went to an address on Auburn to seek help.

Sources were reporting another shooting victim. 

Just before noon there were shots fired in the 2200 block of N Rockton. 

One person reporting injuries.  Unknown on their condition. 

As you know there have been several shootings recently.

It is unknown if they are all related, or separate incidents. 

We can tell you as of 2 pm today:
There have been a total of 21 shootings and 11 stabbing victims this weekend, that have been reported to us.

Officials have not confirmed any of these, nor have they released any suspect information or information on any of the scenes. 



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