Rockford Scanner™: Winter Storm Causing Havoc This Morning, Numerous Accidents and Over 100 Different Power Outages




This winter storm is causing havoc in our area this morning. 

I literally have stopped counting the reports of the accidents that have happened. 

Too many to even count.   Numerous vehicles stuck or crashed. 

Many sources are reporting many of the areas roadways are still untreated as of 6:30 am.

COMED is reporting 105 different power outages in the area. 

Several power lines have been reported down, and tree branches falling. 

 We are still under a winter storm warning for a few more hours, until 9am. 

If you have to travel, prepare to possibly be stuck or worse. 

Charge your cell phones, bring food and water and extra clothing. 

We have not heard of any business closing this morning. 
Yes, some  may have, but we are just unaware of which ones. 

Post in the comments area, your road conditions. 



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