Rockford Scanner: Vehicles Crash Into A Building, Possible Police Chase

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Update:   Sources said police were chasing an alleged murder suspect. 

Source said: ” It was my 2 vehicles that were hit. I was told the driver of the vehicle was wanted for questioning (had a warrant for his arrest) on murder.  There were 3 men in the vehicle at the time of the accident. He drove past Rockton down Halsted and swerved his car into my neighbors driveway, through my driveway hitting both of my cars. We were actually standing outside on our way to one of the vehicles when the collision occurred. Once their vehicle stopped, 2 men jumped out and ran towards Sablewood. One of those men were caught (the driver and person with warrant). Another man was in the back seat and he climbed over and stumbled out of the vehicle a couple of minutes later. He attempted to run off until the victim who owned the cars that were hit,  held him until one of the officers put handcuffs on the suspect. There was minimal damage to the building, although the rented vehicle (the one from the chase), bounced off it. Mainly got to my cars, both are totaled. The last man to exit the vehicle had a bloody nose and obvious concussion. The other 2 who ran out right away were hurt. The driver was later caught and was seen on a stretcher. The other person who escaped had to have been hurt because he broke the passenger visor and the windshield was broken on his side. ”

Sources are reporting a scene in Rockford. 

Many emergency personnel are working a scene near Halsted and Sablewood. 

Reports of numerous officers on scene. 

Sources said 3 vehicles hit a building. 

Unconfirmed reports said there was a possible police chase and the vehicle crashed into 2 parked vehicles and pushed them into the building.  Unknown on injuries. Unknown on the status of the structure. 

RPD is investigating. 


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