Rockford Scanner: Vehicle Crashes Into A Rehab/Nursing Facility

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Update: After we posted this, RS source sent us this photo and said it was at the nearby apartments at Midvale Apartments. And not to Forest City Rehab.

Yvette  Farrey: I work at Midvale Apartments where this happened. The car did not go through the building. It stopped about a foot before. And nobody was injured. It was an accident caused by an inexperienced driver. All’s good


RS source Kodie LaGrene is reporting a vehicle that has crashed into a building.

It happened last night approximately 7:20 PM in the area of Midvale Drive and Arnold
(near Linos)

Reports of a black colored vehicle has crashed into the Forrest City rehab building.

Several emergency personnel including medical were on scene.

Unknown on the severity of the injuries at the time the post in this.

Rockford Police Department are investigating


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