Rockford Scanner™: UPS Cargo Plane Experiences An Issue During Takeoff From The Rockford Airport

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Sources at the Rockford Airport are reporting an issue with an aircraft. 

Sources are reporting that a UPS aircraft experienced some issues during takeoff. 

Sources said the Airbus300 (UPS800) took off on runway 7/25 headed to Denver at approx. 3:06 am. 

While taking off from the Rockford Airport the pilot realized there was an issue with a cargo door on the aircraft, that may not have been closed. 

The aircraft was diverted back to the Rockford Airport and landed on runway 1/19 at approx. 3:25 am. 

The cause  is under investigation. 

No other information at this time. 

Update: Sources told us the door was closed, and it was just a faulty sensor that told the pilot the door was open.



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