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New Year’s Eve Special:

Troopers are offering free rides to a small variety of rooms to those of you who make poor decisions of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol on New Year’s Eve.

These rooms are ready at the Gray Bar Hotel chain in all 102 counties across the state of Illinois.

Each room is typically 6×9 and features stark white or gray cinderblock walls.

The rooms are highlighted by a fashionable see-through door.

Each room has a comfortable bed or floor, a freshly pressed wool blanket (most likely dry cleaned after the previous guest) and your own toilet and sink.

You may have numerous, unwanted roommates at no extra charge.

If you check in to your room before the kitchen closes, you may receive a bologna sandwich and a bag of Doritos.

You won’t have to worry about parking at the hotel, as your car will have already been graciously valet parked in the impound tow lot.

You will not need to provide identification upon check-in, however, a free photograph will be snapped and fingerprints will be taken.

You may have a long restless night, dreaming of what you have should have done and thinking that you should have not gotten behind the wheel impaired.



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