Rockford Scanner: Trooper Stops Wrong Way Driver Having A Medical Issue, By Pulling His Squad In The Path Of The Vehicle in Rockford.






Excellent Service by a Trooper

Trooper Joseph Dunn was on Illinois Route 2 near Auburn Street (Wreck-it-round-a-bout area) when he noticed a vehicle traveling the wrong way.

He pulled his squad into its path and approached the car. The elderly male driver was incoherent and worsening.

Trooper Dunn called EMS and supplied glucose to the driver. He called the last number dialed on the gentleman’s phone, thus alerting the driver’s wife.

The Rockford Fire Department arrived and advised the driver’s glucose level was 39. The driver was transported for advanced medical care.

“Trooper Dunn prevented a crash and aided a man in his moment of need. And he did so with great compassion and respect.”

Carl Heintz, Commander, ISP District 16



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