Rockford Scanner™: Train Derailment Near Downtown Rockford



Sources are reporting a possible train derailment in Rockford.

It happened earlier today approx. 9 am.

RPD put out  a release saying: Avoid Cedar St west of Short Horsman and east of Avon St due to train blocking. Expect road to be blocked for most of day.

We can confirm that several train cars were blocking that intersection.

Just West of S Main on the tracks:  Maggio’s towing was lifting a train back onto the tracks.

So it does appear that the train derailed.  But officials have not confirmed anything.

I did ask officials what had happened, and their response to me was “I don’t know what happened”  

We can confirm several railroad employees and Rockford city employees were on scene.

Approx. 12:45 Maggios and the railroad company, was able to lift the train back on to the tracks and the locomotive began to move again.  No reports of injuries.


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