Rockford Scanner™: Today we filed the following FOIA requests

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You can follow our Freedom Of Information Act requests at

Freedom Of Information Act Requests 


As you know we make all our FOIA requests public now.
Since many agencies lack the transparency since encrypting, we decided to make all our FOIA requests
and responses public to show the transparency or lack of transparency of the departments.

Today we filed the following FOIA requests: 

  • UPDATE: Cad Ticket Approvals, posted here: Click Here
    : Robbery and fatal shooting; Laurence Turner  who robbed Alpine Bank, 2218 N. Mulford Road, approx. January 20, 2017
  • DENIED: City of Loves Park, DENIED this request saying Your request regarding a “fatal shooting in the 5700 block of Park Ridge Road” is hereby denied pursuant to the exemption(s) in 5 ILCS 140/7 (1)(d), of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.      Loves Park: The fatal shooting of 38-year-old Christopher Peters in the 5700 block of Park Ridge in May 2017.
  • DENIED: City of Loves Park, DENIED this request saying they dont have anything on it. Loves Park: The fatal shooting of Moheb Diab, who was found dead in the basement closet of 7702 Eastmont Ave in April 2015.

On February 4 2020, you requested certain documents related to the investigation into the deaths of “Baby Noah” and “Michael Scully.”

Your requests in both cases are denied because the case is pending exemption 5 ILCS 140/7(1) (d) (vii). These cases are pending and part of an ongoing investigation.

  • DENIED: Winnebago:  Baby Noah, who was found dead on July 13th 2012 at One Source Recycle (Total Waste), 12125 N. 2nd St
  • DENIED: Winnebago: Murder of Michael Scully in the 7800 block of Cikeman road in December 11th 2011


Updates on other FOIA we filed:

PENDING FOIA REQUESTS: We Submitted and are awaiting responses:


If you have information on this, you can contact us at
We will keep you anonymous.

If you do not want to contact the police directly, you can contact us  and we will relay your information to the proper agencies if needed, and keep you anonymous.

Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

The information that is posted was provided to us via various sources. So we can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.

We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us. If police and/or officials do release information, we will try to update this.
If you know of any corrections or errors, please contact us.

This is for entertainment purposes only. 



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