Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a couple of items that were recently lost/stolen In the Rockford area

Sources are reporting a couple of items that were recently lost/stolen.

#1  Hey Rockford scanner I was wondering if you could post about a lost item of mine, I’m heartbroken I went to Valley Produce last night and left a black and yellow diaper bag underneath a cart, it has many sentimental items in it and I have had no luck nobody turned it into the grocery store last night please help I just had my baby a month ago I can’t replace the items in the bag my baby’s umbilical cord clamp and many other items were in it.Full of baby girl clothing, diaper changing pad, a stuffed girl doll that says “my first doll”, hospital paperwork and pink receiving blankets. I would pay whoever returned it. if found ~     (Photo below) 


#2 If you could post this that would be great.
This is a long shot & not a neighborhood issue but I seemed to have lost my purse between 11/09 – 11/10
I went to two stores that day & no one has turned anything in. Last place I was at was my sister in-laws.
I am such a cluts that I will forget it on top of the car. So honestly, if I did, it could’ve landed anywhere from Jackson to State st to Charles or 11th st.
If anyone lives in this area, could you maybe check your front lawn. I KNOW IT’S A LONG SHOT but you have no idea how much i need the stuff in that bag. Keep the purse. I just need my children’s documentation.
Its a little black backpack with a gold clapse.
Please please please. I really dont want to start over. I am desperate at this point.
I wont ask questions. If found ~   (No photo provided)





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