Rockford Scanner™: Several sources are reporting something going on, on Rockford NE side

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Police are searching for a suspect that fled from them when they attempted to arrest the suspect.

White male, black pants, no shirt.  If you have any information please contact Rockford Police Department.

A suspect has ran from police and gotten away.

The police are chasing the suspect once again.


Police have not officially released the suspect description.

Unknown if the Tatum and Toft scenes are related

  • Many emergency personnel on Tatum
  • Police chasing a suspect on Toft

Several sources are reporting something going on, on Rockford NE side.

It happened this morning near Tatum rd, off of Forest hills.

Reports of numerous emergency personnel on scene.

We can confirm the RFD district chief was on scene.

The way people were reporting it to us, was as a major crime scene.

I did go investigate and this is what I saw:  RPD crime scene unit, RPD, RFD and Pink Heals fire truck.

So it is unclear exactly what happened.

All we know is many people reporting a major scene and many emergency personnel working the scene.

I personally think that it was a Pink Heals event, but I wasn’t able to get any confirmation from officials.

Either way, several emergency personnel were on Tatum rd………………..

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