Rockford Scanner: Several Scenes Being Reported To Us That Happened Recently


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Sources are reporting several scenes that had several emergency personnel working the scene.

As you know police are encrypted and have not released any information.

Most of these below were reported to us as shooting incidents, but not all of them.

We have also been told there were possible several burglaries to businesses recently.
We have been told there was approx 15 vehicles traveling from business to business burglarizing them.

Below are several scenes that were reported to us.   There are several more that are not listed yet below.
We are going to sit on several of those scenes that were reported to us,  to see if police are transparent on the alleged violent night and releases information to the public.

Alleged Shooting Incidents Recently Below

  • 8000 block of Freeport rd
  • 6600 block of E State
  • 200 block of Warren
  • 400 block of Pearl
  • 3200 block of Liberty
  • 3100 block of Arline
  • 300 block of Ridgeview
  • 1100 block of 6th
  • 2900 block of Searles
  • 2800 block of Sandy Hollow
  • 2000 block of S Perryville (Possible robbery/theft)
  • 5100 block of Woodcreek ct (We have been told this was either a stabbing or disorderly)
  • 5200 block of Mccurry rd

If police releases any information on any of these scenes, we will update this.




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