Rockford Scanner™: Serious Pedestrian Accident In Rockford, Possibly 10-79


Sources are reporting a serious accident on the East side. 

Reports of a woman that has been hit by a vehicle on E State st, near EZ Pawn. 

The woman is reported to be laying in the roadway and is not moving and appears to possibly be 10-79.

Police have not released any information. 

Avoid the area for several hours.  

Update from a witness:

I was heading out of the University after one of my classes and I was in the right-most left turn lane. I do not remember if she was there when I pulled up, but I do know she had stopped at the light, waiting to cross. Not long after, however, she began diagonally crossing the intersection, from the South-Western area and was heading to the North-Eastern area of the intersection with her hand raised as though trying to alert on-coming cars. As I mentioned earlier, I believed that she was heading towards the bus stop, located in the direction she was heading, where the bus was stopped. I know that State Street’s light was green, as mine was red, and it didn’t change until after the incident had occurred. From where I was, it seemed like she was directly in the center of the intersection, when a blue or turquoise van hit her. I did not hear the van honk or anything to alert her, just the sound of the impact.
I do not know if she was alive after the incident, but I do know that she was not moving. I do not remember seeing her move at all afterwards. There were many other bystanders who went to go check on her, but I had stayed in my vehicle. Not long after the incident, the paramedics showed up. I would estimate no more then 5 minutes. I left after the police and ambulance had showed up and had settled at the scene.




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