Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident At The Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout

Sources are reporting a serious accident at the Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout. 
A White vehicle has crashed into a pole near the NE corner of the Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout (Auburn & Main)
A female was injured and was unconscious and trapped under the dash of the vehicle. Extrication was needed to get her out of the vehicle.
An empty car seat was inside the vehicle, so emergency personnel are unsure if a small child was in the vehicle or not. They were searching the area.
RFD was able to get the female victim out of the vehicle and transported her to a local E.R.,  she was alive   but has life threatening injuries according to officials.
The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Video below by Freeman


Photos below by RS source Kristin Ballard



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