Rockford Scanner: Scene in Loves Park




RS Source Alex sent us the following video and info from a scene in Loves Park.

“At 10:20 am i walked out of my house to hear a screech.. I proceeded to go to my car when i heard what i thought was a child hissing like a cat. I looked around and noticed a man starting to take his cloths off while hissing at a police officer… The man backed up when the cops started approaching.. The cop took his baton out and yelled for the man to get on the ground. The man then went and hissed at the cop again the ran toward the neighboring Physicians Immediate Care with his arms flapping… Flapping.. Like was was a bird… The officer responded by chasing him while saying “get on the ground im drawing my weapon”..(some vulger words were used that i wont be repeating) The man then dropped to the ground and thats where the video starts… As u also see in the video is that when the man go back up again he was flapping his arm again like a bird trying to get away.. I couldn’t record the whole thing. But the man then was able to get into the immediate care parking lot where a nurse was able to tell he was in mental crisis and was obviously not in his right mind.”



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