Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Want Access To Your Camera Systems

What are you thoughts on this?
We have already had 9 people contact us on this (How we got the heads up on this story, thank you!)  and say that since the police encrypted and hide stuff from the public, they are not going to give the police access to their camera systems.
But if they un-encrypted and were transparent like they promised the public, that they would have no issues giving the police access to their camera systems.  What do you think?
COMMUNITY CAMERA NETWORK: The Rockford Police Department has started a new partnership with the public! Surveillance cameras are incredibly useful to law enforcement during an incident – they’ve helped identify suspects, show how a crime occurred and even led to arrests. By voluntarily registering your cameras, you can help us solve crimes and keep our community safe. Your information is confidential and you would only be contacted if a crime occurs within the vicinity of your camera

Editorial by KT: 
If I had cams, yes I would register.
We should help the police, even if we do not like the encryption.
We should not cut off our nose to spite our face.
If the police wanted to put a license plate recognition system
in my car, that would be fine with me too.
Ideally, it would send license plate data in real time
wirelessly to them as I drive around.
That would help them locate stolen vehicles
and warranted suspects quickly.
That is an expensive system, so I don’t expect it
to be an option.
But I do want to help them any way I can
to stop this horrible crime wave that plagues our city.




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